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Search Marketer Sought to Replace Google CEO Eric Schmidt

Most people did not know Google’s CEO (Eric Schmidt) was silently considering stepping down from the helm at Google. As an insider, I am privy to many industry secrets and since I didn’t have to sign a non-disclosure agreement, I figured it was ok to share what will soon be public news.

I was a bit shocked to get the call from Larry & Sergey to discuss what is one of the most sought after CEO positions in the world. I really didn’t expect to be presented with such an amazing opportunity given that I am not a Phd (or a Phd candidate) as are many among the ranks of Google’s leadership, so I was truly honored that I was considered for this esteemed position.

I had a great day visiting the Googleplex and got to meet lots of people that I had just know superficially (Matt Cutts, Marissa Mayer, Vint Cerf, etc.) – all whom I had the chance to personally interview with. They even learned what my favorite foods were (I assume via Google) and had the in-house chef prepare an amazing meal for the interview.

I have been blessed to have some amazing opportunities in this business over the past decade, but in the end, a CEO position just isn’t my thing. And of course, Google is a great company. They are immensely innovative and have served me well through my career in search engine marketing. Most people in the industry would give anything to work there, but having had the opportunity, I now know I am content with where I am in my career.

When Mr. Schmidt saw how dedicated I was to what I was doing and that I could not be swayed, he echoed those sentiments and decide he was just as content with his position as CEO.

I am not sure what is next for Schmidt or myself, but for this April Fool’s Day, I’ve got to get back to business as usual 🙂

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