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Viral Video Marketing Made Simple with VideoN5

Have you put off video marketing because you thought it was too difficult? I want to tell you that it’s really not that difficult. All you have to do is make a decision to do it. You can use your cell phone to shoot a simple video and upload it to a free YouTube account so there really is not an excuse for not doing anything at all.

What can help however is having a system and I want to share with you a new system that is launching today called VideoN5. This video marketing platform was created to take all of the hassles out of video marketing, and give you the opportunity to make your videos go viral through sharing tools such as email marketing and social media. The idea is that with this software, you can create a video marketing campaign in 5 simple steps (hence the name, Video in 5.)

Today is the official VideoN5 launch party and I will be attending the kickoff event shortly (starts at 5:30PM, AZ time.) I am proud to be a sponsor of the event and excited to be an affiliate partner with VideoN5 as I know this is a much needed solution for small business owners.

Since today is the launch, you can check out the software for just $1.96 for the first month and then $39.95 per month after that (you need to use promo code: J6WZ7T2.) After the launch tonight the price will go up, so even if you are just thinking about using this software, I would register; you will be glad you did. Visit to get started and use PROMO CODE J6WZ7T2 to get the introductory pricing.

If you need any assistance with video marketing (or any other kind of digital marketing), please contact me.

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