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Why Internet Marketing is More Effective than TV Advertising

When my wife and I watch TV, we usually do it the most efficient way which is to record the show so we can fast forward through the commercials. With my business hat on, I have started to ask “who would spend money on those ads?” and “when will business owners get it that the Internet is the most cost effective way to connect with those currently seeking their products or services?

Sure, there are those opportune moments like the SuperBowl where people actually watch for the ads, but who has that kind of money ($3 Million for a 30 second spot, not including production costs) to “gamble” on getting new customers?

Perhaps you think this is just my opinion. Well, let me share with you a quote of just two months ago from TiVo CEO Tom rogers as he shared with TV Advertisers, “Most of your ads are not going to be viewed in the future.” He went on to discuss how TiVo was implementing additional ad strategies similar to that of the Internet. But here is the problem – it’s still not reaching a targeted audience like Search Marketing does.

Secondly, is this article which states that 50 to 70% of TV viewers are using DVR/TiVo technology to skip ads.

So, if you are not spending any of your marketing dollars on a solid Internet Marketing plan, now is the time to turn your marketing dollars into profits. If you need help, you can contact me.

Are You Throwing Away Your Marketing Dollars?

There is a trend that I am seeing too much lately, and that is large companies with large budgets leaving Search Engine Marketing out of the Marketing Equation. In a day and age where over 80% of people looking for products and services start on the web, the obvious solution to the marketing dilemma is Search Engine Marketing.

Sadly, many companies foolishly rely on their brand name alone and fail to reach out to new audiences that are searching for what they offer. These same prospects end up giving their money to a more savvy competitor that knows how to use the Internet to their advantage. Or even worse, some of these companies heavily in media channels such as TV and radio and neglect Search Marketing. Don’t get me wrong; TV, Radio, Motorsports Marketing, Direct Mail Marketing, and other means of business promotion, have their places, but it should never be at the expenses of the most optimal marketing channel available – Search Engine Marketing.

Let me ask you which makes more sense; pushing out your products and services to the masses and capturing a fraction of a percent of your audience, or tailoring your message to those already looking for your business and capturing a few percent of that targeted audience? The answer is obvious and if you don’t know how to make the second part happen, you are at the right place. I have been helping businesses effectively do this since 1999.

The better news is that optimizing your marketing budget is just a phone call or email away and doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. You can reach me at 800-453-9290 or and I would be more than happy to discuss how to maximize your marketing dollars. In the midst of a challenging economy, that alone could make you the “hero” at your company.

Stay tuned for my next blog post on “why you should NOT spend money on your website”. You can subscribe using the subscription form to the right and you will receive future posts via email.

Make it a great day!

~ Anthony

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