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Why You Might Not Want to be Number One in Google

I was talking to a prospective client a while ago and she was fixated on being number one in Google for a highly competitive keyword. It’s not that I didn’t have the ability to help her accomplish this as I have obtained countless top 10 positions in Google over the past decade. Her problem was that she didn’t have the finances to have the work done in order to make it happen.

I tried to help her by crafting an affordable proposal that would get her website found on the search engines for lesser competitive (long tail), but equally effective terms. She seemed to still be fixated on her keyword of choice. I posed the question to her about how much business she thought she would get if she were at the #1 spot. Specifically, I asked her if she was prepared to handle the amount of inquiries and customers she would receive if she was #1 for a high level and highly searched term (knowing that she was not based on the size of her company vs. those in the top 10). Her reply was something to the effect of “that would be a great problem to have.” I agree it would be a problem, but I am not sure it would be a great problem for her.

We talked a bit about her plans to grow her business and she really did not have a plan in place, which I am sure would have sent her into panic if the need arose as quickly as it would have.

There are plenty of stories of companies that have grown too fast to their detriment. There are multitude of reasons, but they all revolve around not having the resources to serve the needs of a massive influx of customers all at once. This all has to do with business planning, which is the first point of failure for most small business owners. You’ve heard the saying I am sure; “people don’t plan to fail, they just fail to plan“.

So my question is not “do you want to be #1 on Google” but rather “are you prepared for what it may look like?”

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