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How to Get Your Competition to Send Their Prospects to YOU

Have you ever found a great article online, one so good you wanted to send it to someone only to find out that it was written by a competitor in your field? This happens every day and with the massive growth of Social Media, people are sharing lots and lots of information. Every now and again, I will read a great article, and as I am about to promote it, I realize that I am going to promote the competition. Sure you can argue that they aren’t competition, you own your market, etc, but the fact remains in the eyes of a prospect from the standpoint of find you online, you are competitors.

So what’s the bottom line? You need to have a voice in your industry or you will be left behind. Some excellent ways to do this are:

1. Blogging. If you don’t have, get one. If you don’t want one, then guest blog for someone in your industry.

2. Writing Articles. Ideally on your own website, but there are plenty of places you can promote your work online and off line.

3. Get in Front of People
. Speak at conferences or offer to do free seminars for local Chambers of Commerce, local church business groups, or anyone who will listen to you. If you need to get some speaking experience , I recommend checking out a local Toastmasters group.

I hope this was helpful and I look forward to hearing your success stories. If you want to subscribe to my blog, please use one of the RSS buttons or the email form on the right.

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