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How to Respond to Social Media Friend Requests

I get lots of friend requests on the multiple Social Media Sites that I am connected with. Many people might think that is a great thing and would be quick to just add anyone to their network, but my advice is to have a goal for your Social Media involvement and also get to know those who you are giving access to your personal network before connecting.

What are your Social Networking Goals?
I use Social Networks in a variety of ways. For example, I use Facebook to connect with friends, family, and personal contacts. These are people that I have some previous connection with and I don’t always include colleagues to make sure and separate my personal life from my business life. When I get requests from people that I do not know personally, or know professionally, I send them a message before declining them to explain that I don’t use Facebook for business, then I “ignore” the request. Now, this doesn’t mean that I do not promote using FB, but my messages are just different. I use web links to my websites, as well as Groups and Pages. I have even toyed with the Facebook Ads, but I wasn’t so happy about my response. This isn’t to degrade the Facebook ad system; in fact, it is very cost effective. It just wasn’t right for my campaign.

Twitter is a site that I use to connect with those in the markets I follow. It has been helpful in getting near real time industry information as well as keeping people up to date on my work in the Internet Marketing arena.

StumbleUpon is kind of my “go to” site. I check it as much as I do any other news site, and maybe more. I find it a great source of news and hot topics and see it as a great way to get the word out to the masses.

LinkedIn is a great place to connect with people professionally. They have great features such as the Q&A where you can show what you know and you play your cards right, it could lead to generating business.

Getting to know people before connecting.
There are three factors common to most Social Networking sites which allow you to assess a persons profile:

1. The ability to see who someone is connected to (their friends).
2. The ability to see their website(s)
3. The ability to see what websites they support.

Using those factors, you should be able to gather enough information to make a decision. It’s not rocket science, but if done incorrectly, could leave you wondering why “Social Networking doesn’t work for you”.

As an specific example, I will use StumbleUpon where I get lots of friend requests. Before adding anyone as a friend, here is what I am able to gather from their profile:

1. Their Bio. I want to know if they have taken time to provide any details of who they are. If not, I will assume they are either lazy or just there to self promote and I won’t be interested in connecting.

2. Their stats. I want to know how long they have been in the StumbleUpon community. I won’t disqualify someone new, and in fact, may send them a welcome message. I also want to know that they Thumb and Review sites and see what others have said about them.

3. Their website
. It will tell me a bit more about what they are interested in and what they do.

4. Their friends. Just today, I saw an interesting profile with most of this persons friends that did not have pictures (just the silhouette). They were all also from another country – one that I have no connections to, so it didn’t seem to be a good match.

5. Their interests. I usually connect with others with similar interests. For example, if someone is interested in anime, video games, or porn, we probably won’t have much in common, so that is a pretty quick decision.

In closing, I will say the key to Social Networking is no different that offline networking and that is making connections with qualify people.

Feel free to connect with me on StumbleUpon or Twitter.

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Problem at StumbleUpon, Some Features are Missing Today

The reason these features are missing is because they don’t yet exist. Perhaps, someone will correct me and show me that there is a mysterious way to access these features, but I don’t think so. Here are three features that I believe could help make StumbleUpon an even better Social Networking site.

1. IM History.
Have you ever sent an article to someone and then not remembered who you sent it to? I would like to be able to see an IM history so that I can see what I have sent to others and what others have sent to me.

2. Ability to Organize Friends by Interest. For example, you may have friends that you connect with on real estate issues, others on marketing issues, and others on babies & pregnancy. Wouldn’t it be great to not only be able to view those friends based on interest, but also to be able to send pages to groups of friends with similar interests instead of having to select each one individually. Some may say it will lead to spam, but if you don’t want to receive recommendations from anyone, you can remove them from your friends list (I’ve done it myself).

3. The Ability To Add More Friends. Why not allow successful stumblers to build their networks beyond 200 friends? It could be based on their activity or the amount of mutual friends that they have, to prevent mass friending which could lead to abuse. I believe that would provide a benefit to the site by allowing top stumblers to have larger mutually beneficial contacts.

Do you agree? Disagree? Are there any features you’d like to see on StumbleUpon?

Here is where you can connect with me on StumbleUpon.

How To Ensure That Your Content Is NOT Promoted in Social Networks

This should have been Friday’s rant. I will use being under the weather as an excuse because I really was, although I don’t think I would have had this particular post.

So here I am working on a late night project, and I got side tracked with Digg. I actually added a few new Digg friends today and went to preview some of their submissions. One gal had lots of different topics on multiple blogs, but here was the problem with all of them. Upon arriving at each of her websites, you saw her picture which confirmed it was the same person, but also 3/4 of the screen was taken up by a header followed by not one, but two 600 x 120 ad bars – HOW ANNOYING! The sad part for her is that she had some fairly decent content, but I don’t think the message would be clear enough to those arriving at her site to make it worthy of submitting or promoting. I guess if you are networked with a bunch of other bloggers pushing people to articles buried amidst contextual ads, then perhaps you will still get some action. Does anyone think that perhaps, that is one of the reasons that search marketers get a bad rap in Social Media circles?

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