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Don’t Blame Facebook (or Any Other Social Media Site)

Have you ever heard phrases like “Facebook broke up another marriage.” I have, and although Facebook has its issues, it doesn’t have the power many give it. The bottom line is that we make choices, and not always good choices. That marriage that was on the rocks, was destined to find its interruption, and Facebook happened to be the convenient tool of choice. It could have just as easily been a phone call or an alleged business trip. So what’s my point?

When posting on social media channels – whether personal or professional – we need to use wisdom and discretion. None of us are perfect, and we’ve all seen “those dialogues” on Facebook. They can be awkward, uncomfortable and make us cringe. One of my personal rules is that I don’t judge people or say things like “man, I can’t believe they did that” because those kinds of things can come back to bite you. And yes, it happened to me recently. I made a foolish decision to share a post which was off color. It wasn’t pornographic, it did not have swearing in it, but it was intended to poke at political and media leaders (who are very often the subject of poor humor.) We all make mistakes, but sadly for me, I offended a family member and that’s just something I never want to do.

Here are three great questions to ask yourself before posting to any social media profile:

    1. Why am I posting this? We often post things that are humorous, but we need to ask why we care enough to share what we are sharing.
    2. Who will see the post? If you are connected with your coworkers, colleagues, or clients, be careful not to reveal any information that might come back to haunt you. And if you are thinking about this too often, you might want to decide if they need to be Facebook friends (see my prior post on good reasons to unfriend people.)
    3. Who (if anyone) will be offended? If the answer is “anyone at all” the response should be to not share it – end of story.

I hope this helps someone not experience the frustration – and damage control – of making a mistake as I did. And if you have an issue, don’t blame Facebook Take ownership of your actions, clear the air, and move on with life. Life is too short and too precious.

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