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SMX Advanced Conference Update – Day 2 Recap

Check it all out on Search Engine Land

Also, Matt McGee at Small Business SEM did a nice piece called the Top 12 Takeaways from SMX Advanced.

I look forward to personally covering conferences in the near future. I just don’t have time to get out to conferences lately. If someone is looking for an SEM conference journalist, feel free to ping me.

SMX Advanced Conference Update – Day 1

I got a call last night from my good friend Don Baker from NSI Partners with an Search Marketing Expo (SMX) conference update. I had just read a posting where Karl Ribas had questioned whether or not SEM conferences are worth attending, so it was good to hear that I was not alone in thinking that SEM conferences still have value.

Karl’s article points out that there is so much available online and in the blogosphere, and Don did confirm that by letting me know that there were a handful of bloggers giving “real time” updates right from the sessions. He also confirmed that it is refreshing to be able to hear from the source as opposed to a second hand account of what someone said at a conference.

I hope to get more updates from Don, but you can follow his SEM blog to read more.

Search Engine Land also has a recap of several of the SMX bloggers.

Wishing I were conference bound,

– OldSchool

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