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The Internet Marketing Guide for Small Business is Finally Here!

Once again, I had to take a blogging sabbatical to complete my book and I am glad I did, although I am also I was very excited to get back to blogging once again. I have lots of topics to blog about which I can now discuss without giving away any of the info from the book prior to it’s release.

My goal in writing this book was to serve those small businesses that simply do not have the finances to hire a professional search engine marketing firm. For quite some time I tried to figure out how to serve small businesses while remaining profitable, and my solution was to provide a guide that spells out the A to Z’s, then also offer affordable coaching services to help them implement their Internet Marketing strategy.

Here is what is included in the guide:

– Internet Marketing Basics
– Keyword Research
– Website Optimization & Coding
– Getting Web Traffic from Search Engines & Directories
– Creating Online Community Through Blogging
– The A to Z Guide to Blogging With WordPress
– Using Social Media to Build Your Online Presence
– Article Marketing
– Viral Marketing
– Press & Media Relations
– Local Search Marketing
– Email Marketing
– Online Advertising
– Affiliate Marketing
– Gaining Expert Status
– Website Usability
– Reputation Management
– Developing Your Internet Marketing Plan (includes Internet Marketing checklist)
Marketing Your Website Without a Budget
– Offline Marketing for Your Website
– Setting Goals
– Understanding Website Analytics
– Internet Marketing Educational Resources

Over 100 pages of detailed “how to’s” including several screen shots. All of this for just $19!

Visit our website and pick up your copy of The Internet Marketing Guide for Small Business TODAY and get on the road to dominating your market!

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