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My random search marketing predictions for 2008

Maybe these are just a few things that I would like to see happen, but if you don’t make predictions, you’ll never be right.

1. MSN/Live will make a comeback by becoming more efficient at spidering and indexing content, figuring out how to return data (between Live and and bringing back a directory. The (Small Business) directory wasn’t very well done in my opinion; many people didn’t even know it existed.

2. People will stop twittering and actually get work done.

3. There will be less emphasis on smaller Social Media Networks, with the big boys taking the lions share of the market. Social sites such as Stumble Upon, You Tube, and Facebook, will continue to grow immensely while the little guys will fight for pieces of the pie. Given the time it takes to stay active in just a few communities, who has time to be a player at every single Social Media Site? Just like the search engines did, it will come down to a few players in Social Media Networking scene. Of course, if the recent trend of “Google hatred” continues, I will end up being way off here, but I think they will come around.

4. We will see an evolution of stronger niche portals. I predicted that vertical portals would be the future of the web in a raido interview back in 2000. I wasn’t that far off as there are plenty of decent vertical portals, but I hope to see more of these develop into stronger Internet Properties. Now that Google has slapped many of the smaller directories, there is an opportunity for them to come back by taking on niche markets.

Wishing you the BEST for 2008!


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