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SEO Basics for Web Designers

I don’t have to try really hard to find content to blog about because I live this stuff, but finding time to write, now that is the real challenge. Today, I had to post something about my latest client interaction. I did a site analysis a while back and was told that the clients design team would handle the changes. I assured him that his design team, while very skilled in design, most likely did not have the skills necessary to implement the recommendations effectively. I went as far to offer to chat with the designers if they had any questions, but never heard from any one. Today, he contacted me to ask me to review the implementations, and truly, it was one of the worst things I had even seen. Not only had they taken a site designed with a flat architecture and a site map and convert it to a dynamic site with no site map, they left the default Joomla coding in the pages, so here is what the titles and meta data look like:

< title> – Home
< meta name="description" content="Joomla - the dynamic portal engine and content management system" />
< meta name="keywords" content="Joomla, joomla" />

For you designers out there that want to be WAY ahead of the competition, I will share some pointers with you.

First – make sure you know the difference between a flat site architecture and a dynamic architecture. If you are building a non-ecommerce site, DO NOT use a dynamic architecture. It just doesn’t make sense. While I am not a Joomla programmer, I understand that they even had a module to correct this and you should learn it.

Second – PLEASE put something other than the defaults in the title, keywords, and description. If it were all the same on every page that is still better than nothing. Here are some recommendations.

Title – Don’t put just the URL and by all means, don’t leave the defaults in there (you know, Home, New, etc.). Just put the company name in there. If you don’t know what they do, look at the website you just built then describe it in five words or less. For example for this blog you could put “Old School SEO – Search Marketing Blog”.

Description – If you really can’t figure it out (and you should be able to) go the extra mile and ask your client what they do. Then put that in the description in two sentences or less, but at least 10 words.

Keywords – Without using generic words, list the first five words that come to mind when you read the site and separate them by commas. For example, with this blog, you might use “search, engine, marketing, blog” This is better than nothing, and in my example above, FAR better than putting Joomla on a site that has nothing to do with Joomla.

I hope you appreciated that because if you implement it, you will look like a genius compared to the competition. If you need an SEM partner, let me know and I will do what I can to help you or refer you to a trusted colleague

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