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Web Traffic Team Now Offers SEO Staffing Services

Companies often don’t know where to turn to when they need Search Marketing Consulting Services, and when the time comes to hire an in-house Search Marketing expert, there seems to be even fewer options. Understanding that consulting services are often out of reach for many small to mid-sized business, Web Traffic Team has launched a staffing division to assist companies in finding the right person to fill those in house positions by analyzing the clients needs and matching those needs with a local Search Marketing Professional.

Many times, employers just don’t know enough about search engine marketing to know what they need. I literally overhead a recruiter once asking questions about the role of “Search Marketing Analysts” in an attempt to secure a contract with a company, and it was pretty clear that she had no idea what she would ask the candidate.

The range of positions we can fill are any where from the most basic (we’ll find you a secretary or customer service rep if you want us to) to the technical (Search Marketing Analysts, PPC Technician, Programmer, etc.) to the Executive Level. Through a strategic partnership with an Executive Staffing Firm, we have a pool of Executives that are ready for their next assignment, and many are ready to invest in the companies that they join.

If you are looking for your next SEM Guru, or Corporate leader, contact Web Traffic Team today to discuss your options. Hold on to your checkbook! You won’t have to write a check up front for the standard 10-30% of the employees annual salary, a benefit which makes our services affordable for nearly every business.

For more info, visit our Internet Marketing Staffing page.

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