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Matt Cutts Made Me Do It

I haven’t been a big fan of RSS readers and I prefer to get me feeds via email. As I did my 2008 evaluation, I decided to make sure I was subscribing to the sites that I frequent and the first one that I tried to subscribe to was my good friend Simon Heseltine at I gave him a hard time about not using email subscriptions, but now I guess the joke is on me because I am now subscribing to RSS feeds using a reader. I realized that it will make me more efficient if I bring the info to me, rather than going our to it daily. So this is another step in the right direction towards super efficient blogging in 2008.

So what does this have to do with Matt Cutts? Well I was on his blog, and at first I couldn’t find any RSS icons or widgets (Hey Matt, feedburner – now owned by Google – has some really cool RSS tools) 🙂 Noticing that he was showing his stats which included lots of RSS subscriptions, I figured he had to have some way to subscribe. I found an obscure “RSS 2.0” text link and then I was in.

To each his own, right? Bottom line is he doesn’t need me as a subscriber, but for those looking to build their blog following, I highly recommend allowing people to subscribe via email. In fact, the info will get to them much quicker, unless they tend to read their reader before their email.

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