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Who Is Representing Your Company to the Public?

Recently I received an email from an organization with a message that did not seem to represent the organization well. I also noticed that the person who sent it added their picture at the bottom of the email, and it made a little more sense. This email was sent to business owners in an attempt to solicit them for a business membership, but it was worded like it was written by someone trying to be “hip and trendy” which did not seem best to reach this audience. Because I can’t keep my mouth shut (so says my wife) 🙂 I responded to the email and let the CEO know where I thought his message went wrong. I never respond out of arrogance, and my sincere goal was to help this organization and I am friends with one of the principals. I hope he receives the message well, and considers who his audience is and most of all, who is the best person to craft messages on behalf of the company.

Think about your company. Do you have the right person, team, or company in place to create or maintain the public image that you want? If not, now is a good time to think about it. If you are marketing with the wrong message, you are wasting time and money, and missing out on opportunities. Stop and ask yourself how you are represented in the following areas:

– Press & Media Relations
– Social Media (blogs, social networks, etc.)
– Email Marketing

It’s not practical for the business owner to be involved personally in each of these aspects of marketing, but it is critical that a business owner, know that his or her company message is being created for the right audience at the right time and through the right channels.

If you need professional help or an analysis of your current strategy, I’d love to help you. Feel free to contact me for a consultation to see how I can help you increase your profitability by having solid company communications.

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