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When to Use Professional Video

So I fell a bit behind in the Video Marketing Challenge. I actually shot lots of video, but due to travel, could not post it. The key is staying focused and always moving forward. I actually shot a few videos while I was away, so those will be forthcoming.

Also, my last video that I uploaded, got some activity just based on the title as many people were able to find it in the search engines, so remember how important it is to name your videos well.

Several weeks back, I shot a small snippet of video at a friends seminar. I did this for a few reasons. One was to have a video for the week, but the other was to emphasize that sometimes you want (need) to have professional quality video. If Jim wanted to promote his event, he certainly would not want to use my video clip. The audio quality is poor and it’s not even edited. If the choice is no video or poor video, I say go with what you’ve got. Never give yourself an excuse to not make progress. Enjoy!

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