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Google Page Rank, does it matter?

I read a disturbing Yahoo! Research article yesterday, and I was just amazed. It was disturbing because someone with too much time is again focusing on the end result rather than the road to getting there. Of course, it is a Google competitor, so I guess they can pay people to do this.

So many in the search marketing world put so much emphasis on Page Rank, and I just don’t get it. First, the actual toolbar Page Rank is updated about 4 times per year, so as a benchmark, that is a long time to wait to see results. Further, if you are getting true results (i.e. increased visitors, decreased bounce rate, and increased page views per visitor) should you care about you Page Rank (or Alexa rank for that matter)?

Sure it’s nice to brag about once you get it, but I assure you if you focus on the basics of Internet Marketing, you will accomplish your goals.

Now, the funny part is that I just set some Page Rank goals for a site, but that is just because I do like to see how a site ranks among its competitors and I agree, it’s great to be able to boast a string Page Rank, but I look at it this way, you are here and this site doesn’t have the best Page Rank, so I am doing something right.

So what are the basics of Internet Marketing? I will save that next time, but I do promise to post sooner, now that I am settling in to life in Phoenix.

– Anthony

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