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Have You Set Online Marketing Goals for Your Business?

It’s that time again when everyone talks about setting goals and making resolutions. I am not a big fan of New Years Resolutions in the traditional sense, but I do like to reassess goals up against accomplishments from the year prior. I am a big goal setter and planner, so I look at my goals constantly and I even revise them frequently along the way; there is nothing wrong with that. The only problem comes in not having goals or not having a plan to accomplish them.

When looking at your online marketing goals, sometimes it is easy to see where to set goals, but other times it’s just not. If you know you did not do something last year like embrace video marketing or mobile marketing, that might be a great start as those two areas are only getting stronger this year.

Other goals might include:
– Testing a paid search platform
– Ranking for new keywords
– Starting a new niche website in your industry
– Launching an email newsletter
– Leverage online media
– Put out your first press release online
– Start a blog
– Use Twitter for business
– Build a mobile app for your website
– The list could go on

One things I love to do is help business owners plan and set goals. If you would like to set up a time to go over your goals, I would welcome the opportunity to help you grow your business. I even offer weekly or monthly coaching calls to help you stay on track. You can contact me through the form on my blog or directly through any of my contacts.

Speaking of goals, here are some goals I have set for myself with regard to Internet Marketing for AKA Internet Marketing:

1. Develop a new theme for this blog. It has been long overdue.
2. Launch the new website. It has been in development for a while.
3. Be a more consistent guest blogger. Time did not allow me to take advantage of the many guest blogger offers that I received last year.
4. Create a new blog for the website.
5. Embrace video marketing. I tried to wait until I lost that extra 20 pounds, but I am missing out on some great opportunities in the interim. Of course, I expect the 20 pounds to be gone by July, but that is under a different set of goals.
6. Manage my multiple Twitter accounts better.
7. Run contests on both Twitter and Facebook which will include some really cool giveaways (so stay tuned!)

Here is my challenge to you. Even if you don’t want to engage my coaching services, I invite you to send me your goals via email and I will offer you a complementary consultation and help make sure you have some guidance for the journey.

I wish you the success you deserve!

Happy New Year!

~ Anthony

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