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MSN Live Search Ahead of Yahoo and Google in Spidering & Ranking Web Sites

Two weeks ago I did some updates to a website; primarily titles on a site that had the same title tags for nearly all of it’s pages. A week later (last Friday) I was checking to see what updates, if any, had been picked up. Google had not seemed to notice, Yahoo noticed a bit, and MSN Live had a few top 10 rankings. Interesting, so I thought and then I made some additional changes on a different area of the same web site, and here is what I found this morning. MSN Live has already spidered the changes, updated the code and also has several top 10 rankings based on these changes.

Kudos to the MSN Live search team!

Oh yeah, and the subtle moral of the story is “if all of your title tags are the same, you are likely missing out”

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