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Why Bill Gates wants to send you new customers

UPDATE (12/3/07) – I had someone email me and ask about this because there was no promo code on the page. I called Microsoft to ask about this, and I have to say I was pretty disappointed. For whatever reason (perhaps too much activity?) the $200 credit is no longer available unless you actually have a mailer code. If you have an old mailer from them, they have been known to honor those, and it makes sens if they are trying to earn business. There is still a $50 credit available using this link: and I will try to see if they will somehow allow me to get a better offer due to the debacle. Trust me, I am more frustrated than you because it makes me look like an idiot. I don’t get anything out of this either, I was just trying to help out – Sorry for any inconvenience of confusion.

(Original Post)
For a limited time (until January 4, 2008), new advertisers enrolling with Microsoft Ad Center can receive $200 in click credits. Why? To get you hooked on MSN Ad Center and lure you away from Yahoo Search Marketing and Google AdWords. A $5.00 enrollment fee applies, but imagine how much free traffic you can get just from the $195.00. If you use an average cost per click of $0.75 (varies by industry), this would give you roughly 260 visitors. With a 2% capture rate that is 5 new customers, if you have a 5% capture rate, then that is a whopping 13 new customers!

A word of warning, you need to use Internet Explorer to register. I tried in Firefox and ended up on support with a great rep from Ad Center. As I was talking to him, it dawned on me that I was in deed speaking with the company that created IE, so it makes sense that they would want you to use that.

Visit Microsoft Ad Center to register.

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