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Social Media FAIL – Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Melissa Kellerman Forced to Close Twitter Account

If you have not heard, the Dallas Cowboys has forced one of it’s cheerleaders to close her Twitter account. She is Melissa Kellerman, the cheerleader who was blindsided by Tight End Jason Witten during a football game (he unintentionally ran into her at the end of a play.) It seems that she figured out how to attract an audience better than the team did, and of course like most good corporate entities, they simply don’t know how to handle the success of an employee and fear that they will somehow taint the organization.

When I first read it, I was tempted to be shocked that yet another large organization has not figured out how to use social media effectively. I did assume that an organization such as the Dallas Cowboys had a social media expert on staff and also that they had a social media policy in place given that it’s almost 2012.

Here is the missed opportunity. They should have simply played along and interacted with those that were drooling over, I mean following Melissa. It would have been good for the organization overall. Now they just look bad and have their fans, the media, and all of America (well, perhaps all of the men) watching to see what will their next move will be.

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