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Stop! WireDoo (MC Hammer’s New Search Engine)

Punctuation makes all the difference in the message. Perhaps, my title should have read “Stop WireDoo!”

For some reason MC Hammer thinks he can build a better search engine than Google. I am not sure if he is aware, but others – including former Google insiders – have tried to beat the search giant and have failed miserably. Let me remind you of a now defunct search engine called that somehow managed to raise $33 Million dollars. They had some Google insiders helping them and as I recall, the search results were mediocre at best.

One has to ask “why would someone want to go anywhere but Google to search?” Assuming they had lots of good answers, they would then have to solve the problems posed by those who would leave Google.

Hey, I grew up in the 80’s and I actually like MC Hammer as a person; he’s a positive guy, but I also like a lot of other smart and nice people – none of whom have any business trying to start a search engine.

I am not sure who his team of experts is, but at first glance the WireDoo home page has gotten lots of negative feedback from the haters. That’s probably because he said it has been two years in the making. I could have given him something better in two weeks from a website standpoint and that’s not being arrogant, it’s just saying it sounds like he jumped the gun in announcing this site.

Let’s be honest, Hammer was great on the stage, but he hasn’t proven himself otherwise, let alone in the search engine world. I am not sure who is backing this venture, but my advice to him is “please Hammer, don’t Hurt ‘Em.

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