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Marketing @ 30,000 Feet

So on my recent trip to DC, I figured I would shoot some video from the plane. There is no real audio, but it made me think of how much I dislike flying. Don’t get me wrong, I love to be in other places, I just don’t love getting there. I have several choices to make whenever I travel. The first, is will I have a good attitude in spite of all of the hassles of flying. If I do, the outcome is that its a better trip because my wife is happy when I complain less (imagine that.) The other choice is what am I going to do with all of the time. My wife can sleep on a plane, however I cannot – unless it’s International business class with a bed. I choose to market at 30,000 feet.

Now that most planes have Internet access, it makes it even easier, but if you don’t want to pay the fees, there are still several things you can do. Sometimes is nice to do the things you never seem to have time to do such as:

1. Reading. I am reading Dave Ramsey’s new book, EntreLeadership. I don’t care what you think about Dave, this is a must read. In fact, I only read it at the encouragement of a mentor of mine, and I am glad I did.

2. Business Planning. Maybe it’s time to update your business plan, or reflect on how things are going according to the business plan.

3. Writing. I usually get lots of writing done on flights. Anything from working on my latest book, to web content to blog posts.

4. Web Development.
If you are inclined to do actual web development work, or content development, this might be some focused time in which to do it.

5. Paperwork. Instead of saying “accounting” I will just say paperwork. I am a big fan of outsourcing your accounting, but if for some reason, you feel the need to do your own, be my guest, but do it at your own risk. Your time is far better spent working on growing your business.

And now, for the very anti-climactic video…

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