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Is Your Business Dating Online?

I got a lead today from the web, and it was a good one. I had a great talk with a guy who will probably do business with me. It made me think of some of my professional relationships and when I think of where they originated, it was the Internet. In fact, as a joke sometimes if we are introduced in a business setting, I will say “yeah, we met online,” It gets a laugh, but it gets the point across. The point is that people are meeting online ever day to do business. The question is “are you out there?”

So what’s the best way to get dates for your business? Get Social!
People use social media sites to find soulmates, but businesses use them to find customers and clients. The keys are:

1. Be Available. If you are not set up on Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, you are not telling your prospects that you chances are you are behind your competition. They are getting calls and they are getting dates.

2. Take the Relationship Offline. If you have ever dated online, you will know that you don’t get an email by chatting, emailing, and texting. You have to ask for a date. Make sure you aren’t just being used by your prospects for free information. Ask them qualifying questions that would lead them closer to an appointment (a date.)

3. Enjoy the Marriage. Marriage is a lot or work, but it’s one of the best investments you can make because the work will pay off in an amazing relationship. Hopefully you experience the same with your customer, with a long term relationship.

So what are you waiting for? Get online, and go get a date!

If you need a business dating coach, contact me. I’d be happy to help/.

$47 Per Lead… No Problem – NOT!

Today I got a business associate who said he was solicited by an Internet Marketing firm with an offer that seemed a bit out of sorts. As much as I’d love to expose it all, I will just say that the generous offer to generate about 200 leads per month at the cost of nearly $10,000 per month ($47 per lead) was a bit more – actually exponentially more – than this site needed to spend. Especially when you consider this person runs a successful business already without doing hardly any online marketing.

I discussed things like organic search and effective web design with him and how that could help his business, for a fraction of that cost and produce far more leads. There is the up front cost for site re-design and the ongoing search engine marketing activities, but again, the cost for a small business should not be anywhere close to $10,000 per month as most cannot afford this. So you may be asking “is this one of those clients where the top position in Google costs like $30-$40 per month?”. The answer is no and in fact, I have done lead generation for this company on a contingency basis in the past, so I already have the numbers. For paid search, this client would do very well for well under $8.00 per click. So even if we used $8.00 per lead figure AND marked it up by 25%, he would still see 800 leads for his $9,600 MONTHLY spend, not the proposed 203.

As in all things – BUYER BEWARE. If something seems a bit out of range, get a second opinion. Sadly, I am sure this company exists because they are able to find people who are willing to over pay for search marketing for the promise of a few leads and then sold on the fact that they will close “x” percent of them, even without addressing usability – and that could be no further than the truth. Or they sell them on the fact that they are going to offer a deep discount (if their manager approves it).

If you are looking at a search marketing proposal and you are unsure of it’s legitimacy or cost, contact us and we will gladly review it for you at no charge.

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