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WTF – Part 2

So, most of you thought I was a prude according to my “foul language” survey. That’s ok, you have to live with your convictions, and I have to live with mine. Apparently, the company at fault agreed with me. Here is the follow up email I received after my email went from the web hosting provider, to the developer of the software, to the management team at Smarter Tools.

“Thank you for your concern. With a little more investigation we found a few other offensive words that we have removed. We have modified our standard English dictionary and have sent a copy to (web hosting provider name removed) for them to implement if they so choose.

We will should also be including this modified dictionary with our future installs.

Hope this helps.

Best Regards”

I commend Smarter Tools for being responsible and having integrity. Without integrity, you’ve got nothing.

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