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13 Reasons Why You Might Get Unfriended on Facebook

It’s a new year and everyone is talking about getting a fresh start, so how about starting fresh with your Facebook friends? I don’t mean starting a new profile, I mean doing what you’ve wanted to do and “purge” your friends list – you know you want to.

As I looked at those I was connected to, I decided to drop a few people from the list and here is my list of reasons why people might not have made the cut.

1. I don’t actually know you. There was a time when I was connecting with people that I really did not know, either for business reasons or because they knew someone I knew. I no longer do this and I like to keep my friends circle confined to people I know “in real life.”
2. You are so into you that I don’t need to be. Facebook will let you know who needs attention. I love you, but I get tired of seeing those “look at me” posts and I pray that mine are never perceived as such. My wife might think I cross the line here, who knows. 🙂
3. You are inappropriate. We can be friends and I won’t judge you, but I won’t allow you to post obscenities on my wall. And if your avatar (or photos) make you look like a porn star… well… not appropriate, and my wife appreciates my stand on this one.
4. We’ve drifted apart… and that’s ok. Just like in the real world, there are people I used to hang out with, call, email, etc. If we aren’t hanging out in this season of life, it’s ok; we probably don’t need to be Facebook friends, however.
5. You are in the witness protection program. Or so it seems, since you have abandoned your Facebook page and the only posts I now see are viruses – for which you don’t even come back to post the oh so common “sorry, if you if saw something inappropriate from me, I was hacked” apology.
6. We’ve dated. I am married, and that would just be awkward.
7. You are shady, or connected to shady people. I don’t hang out with shady people… or people who do. Hopefully, you know your Facebook friends well enough to know if any of them are shady. Remember, you become who you hang around… and trouble finds shady folks, so I’d rather they not find me through you. 🙂
8. You are in jail. I read a story about how prisoners are now using Facebook and learned that they pay big money to get people to smuggle smart phones into jails so they can do all kinds of stuff including using Facebook. I probably don’t need to go any further with this one. And don’t read into it, I don’t have any Facebook friends in jail either. 🙂
9. I realize that I hesitate to share things because you will see them. Do you ever find yourself pausing before you post because someone might see what you write? If you do, it might be a good thing, as it may save you some embarrassment, but if you get concerned about how one or two people might judge you, remember, you don’t need to be Facebook friends with them.
10. You are a client of mine. I don’t post anything inappropriate, and of course, my friends have also become clients, but I like to maintain a line between personal and professional when it comes to Facebook. Why? I’ve heard I am opinionated and I’ve been foolish enough to talk about religion and politics on Facebook. 🙂
11. We work together. This is a curious one, because I am actually now connected to most of the people I work with. I own my own business, but in the past when I was an employee, I had a policy of not connecting with my coworkers. You never know when you will say the wrong thing about your job and have someone connected to your boss read it. Trust me, it happens.
12. You clutter my news feed with game updates & invites. If you want to play games all day, that’s totally fine, but I really hate getting the invites to play AND of course, we never actually communicate because you are always playing games. 🙂
13. You’ve left Facebook. This one should be obvious, but currently, anyone who has left Facebook still shows up in your friends list. Check it out and you might want to unfriend those stray profiles. I believe they keep them active so people can reactivate them but most people (not knowing they can reactivate) just start over.

I hope you enjoyed this as it was done in humor and most of all, I hope you don’t think I am arrogant or really into myself, but if you do… oh well (just kidding) 🙂

Happy New Year!

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