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The Top 4 Reasons That I Don’t Respond to Most Guest Blog Post Requests

I manage several blogs; some are personal blogs on various topics, and the others are for my clients. As a result I get guest blog posts just about every day, but I don’t respond to most of them. If you are an avid guest blogger, that’s a great thing. It’s a great way to get exposure, but if you take the wrong approach when you reach out, you are wasting your time. Here are the top reasons that I don’t respond to guest blog requests.

1. They did not read the requirements. If you have a section on your blog where you solicit guest blog posts, you need to spell out exactly what you are – and are not – looking for. If you get a request that doesn’t meet the requirements, save yourself some time by deleting it.

2.The request had poor English. If you can’t type a compelling guest blog request email, complete with proper grammar and typos corrected, then I won’t hold out much hope for the end product.

3. The post was off topic. Take this blog for example, the target audience is people with an interest in online marketing. If you send me a blog post about “How to save money on car insurance” I will assume you did not read the blog, you were high, or that you aren’t competent to think that a blog post about car insurance belongs here. And folks, I am not making that up to be funny. You would be amazed at the kind of emails I get as blog post requests.

4. I don’t want to link to the site you are proposing. The primary goal of guest blogging is exposure to a new audience. One of my requirements is that you tell me in advance what website the blog post is going to link to, so I can make sure it’s something I want to endorse (because linking to a site is pretty much an endorsement.)

Don’t let that discourage you. Guest blogging is a great way to get in front of a new audience, just make sure you know the rules of the blog you are seeking to make a guest appearance on. There are hundreds of thousands of blogs out there, so I know you can find one to post on. If you need help finding great blogs to posts on, I recommend checking out these two resources:

If you have never been a guest blogger, make it a goal to do it this week. Have a great day!

The Importance of Guest Blogging – Fueled Friday

Last weeks Fueled Friday discussed article marketing which is a close relative of guest blogging. After all, a blog post is essentially an article written for a blog other than it’s author. I want to share with you specifically why this is a great strategy for building your business online.

More important than getting a link from a blog is getting exposure to new audiences that may not know you. As you are introduced to new audiences, a certain percentage of these readers will want to learn more about you and perhaps follow your blog if you have one. It is ideal to guest post on blogs in your field, but it can also be helpful to post on blogs that are not in your field, but have a strong following.

Guest blogging can also be a great strategy for someone who does not want to maintain a blog because generally you just send the article (in Word or a related program) and the webmaster or blogger posts the article. The end results is the same in that it gets exposure for you and ideally links to your website as well.

In last weeks post, I also shared two great resources for connecting with guest bloggers ( and but all you have to do to find guest blogging opportunities is do a search for blogs in your field and look at the contact and about sections of the blog to find the contact. Some make it really easy and have a “write for us” link at the top or in the footer. Keep in mind that you want to look over the blog and make sure it is something you want to be associated with. Also, in the interest of getting the most exposure, the stronger the blog is, the better the opportunity will be.

Guest blogging can often lead to other opportunities such as a columnist where you become a regular guest blogger or contributing writer.

Lastly, keep in mind that not all bloggers are open to having guest bloggers, especially if they see you as a competitor.

If you have never guest blogged, I encourage you to give it a short. You might be amazed at the exposure you get. In fact, if you have learned something from the Fueled Friday series that has helped you in a tangible way and want to share it, contact me to discuss having a guest post here.

Blogger Ethics and Guest Posting

There has been a lot of talk about blogger ethics in light of the FTC rules enacted in December, 2009. Although how the new regulations will be interpreted and enforced is still in question, there is no doubt that behaving ethically and transparently is in the best interests of bloggers, regardless of the law.

One way bloggers are being transparent is with a disclosure policy. Most disclosure policies explain the bloggers’ positions on things such as advertising, affiliate links and receiving freebies. If a blogger has never considered his approach to these issues, establishing a disclosure policy will cause him to think about how he wants to operate. The policy then lets readers know what to expect from the blog.

But what about when you are hosting a guest blogger on your site, or guest blogging on another site? What are the best practices for guest blogging? Here are some thoughts on how you can be ethical and above-board as a guest blogger or when you are hosting guest bloggers.

When you are the guest blogger
Read and follow the host blogger’s disclosure policy. How do they handle things such as affiliate links? Do they identify each affiliate link, post a notice with any post containing an affiliate link, or just rely on the disclosure policy to state that some posts may contain affiliate links?

Use links that are clear, and do not try to mislead the host or his readers about what you are linking to.

Do not make recommendations solely for the purposes of inserting an affiliate link. Your reputation is on the line here, just as it is on your own blog. Only make sincere and warranted recommendations.

Do not disguise any involvement you have with a product or service you are reviewing or recommending. Using someone else’s blog to recommend your product by blogging under a false name is unethical no matter how you look at it.

When you are the host
Make guest bloggers aware of your policies and requirements. Do you not allow affiliate links? Do you require that each post disclose any affiliate links, compensation or possible conflict of interest? If so, let guest bloggers know they must make these disclosures in their posts.

Check links to make sure they go where they appear to go. This is your site, so verify that any links in posts are what they say they are.

Consider adding a disclaimer, such as, “Posts by guest authors represent the ideas and recommendations of the guest authors, and I do not necessarily share these opinions.” This can be added to each guest post, or made a part of your overall disclosure policy. Although it may not function as a legal defense, it lets readers know that your publication of a post does not mean you endorse it.

In short, whenever you publish a post as an author or host, be honest and transparent. Your name is your most important asset. Protect it by always blogging with integrity.

This is a guest post from Cathy Stucker. Cathy runs a free service to connect bloggers and guest posters at

Article Marketing – Fueled Friday

Content is “king” when it comes to online marketing and article marketing can be a great way to get your content published and get exposure for your business. It will also help to build links to your website that will help in the ranking process. There are pros and cons to traditional article marketing, and also there was some great way to effectively market articles as you will see.

The old school method of article marketing would tell you to write lots articles and submit them to lots of traditional article marketing sites like Ezine Articles. At these sites (and there are about a dozen quality article sites), webmasters come to find articles to populate their websites and blogs. The rules say that they are supposed to use the articles as they are and not remove any of your links. Sadly, I have seen first hand the removal of links and also seen articles get posted on hokey sites that are designed to only make money by showing Google Ads which some people may not want to be associated with. These are a few reasons why people shy away from this strategy.

The other argument is “original content” versus “duplicate content”. Some argue that duplicate content is bad and that Google will penalize a website for duplicate content and others says Google doesn’t care. You can read this excerpt from Google’s webmaster guidelines regarding duplicate content and decide for yourself. My preference is to not use duplicate content, and not just because Google doesn’t want to you to, but because it allows others to try and claim your work or expertise. There is a strategy for getting your article published on multiple sites and it is referred to as “article spinning” where you rewrite your articles in a few different ways so that it does not appear to be duplicate content on these various sites.

Aside from using article sites, a great way to promote your articles is as a guest blogger. There are two sites out there that will help you find blogs to post on. One is Blogger Link Up and the other is My Blog Guest. I have used both successfully and these sites are run by people that I know and trust in the online marketing industry. This would be my first choice for how to use articles and you would always want to submit original articles to bloggers as a guest poster. Next week, I will be sharing more on guest blog posting; first through a guest post by the founder of Blogger Link Up and then next weeks Fueled Friday will give you more insights on how to guest blog (it really will be on Friday). 🙂

The Good News
A well known SEO software company just came out with a software called SEO LinkVine that will not only help you get your articles placed without having to visit multiple articles sites or contact lots of bloggers, but will help you “spin” your content so that you are not distributing the same content across multiple sites. Even better, their software has an educational resource center where they teach you lots of in depth SEO strategies, and also they have a component that allows you to monitor your keyword rankings in the search engines. If you are serious about article marketing, you need to use a tool such as SEO LinkVine to maximize your time and effectiveness. My advice is still to create lots of content as you do not want to have too many sites sharing the same version of your article.

Some would fault me for sharing one of my secrets, but that’s just how I work. I am never afraid to share “secrets” or educate my clients. In fact, I tell them that I am happy when I can help a client become self sufficient and not need to rely on me as much because it makes their business more profitable. The real real reason is that there is a universal law of “sowing and reaping”; the more we give the more we get (and we cannot out give that law).

P.S. – I am a user and an affiliate of SEO LinkVine. If you decide to purchase it using the links above (which are affiliate links), I will also share with you one of my resources where you can get your articles written for you at a cost of just $10 per article – which is amazing! (just forward your reciept to me via email at akirlew(@)

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