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Were You Affected by Google’s Most Recent Changes?

If you had not noticed, Google has changed how they display the local search listings. Formerly, the listings were displayed at the top of the page with a map and the listings to the right of it (as displayed below):


With the most recent change, the map image is listed in the right column of the page and the actual listings from the top 7 or top 10 local businesses in the map, now occupy the main section of the search results page.

What does this mean for business owners? Well, first, some have reported changes in how their business is listed. Perhaps there was an algorithm shuffle, so some business have seemed to have fallen from the coveted map based search results, and others may now have better positioning.

Secondly, it may mean that business owners want to pay more attention to Google AdWords. I imagine some will speculate that Google did this for the sole purpose of boosting AdWords revenue. I am not sure, but I do know that I preferred the old format.

Let me know your thoughts on the changes, and of course if you need help getting found on the new platform let me know.

How Many Ways Can You Get Traffic From Google?

Often when I am speaking with a prospective client, I mention channels within Google that they were not aware of, which means they are not targeting them for new customers. I decided to spell them out and discuss how you can leverage each of them:

1. Google Organic Search Results. This is Google’s main area of search results, and the area that most beleive they want to target for new customers. For most companies, I would agree that it makes sense to have an effective on page and off page search engine optimization strategy geared towards having a top rankning. For locally based businesses, there is a very critical and affordable channel of Google to target; Google Local.

2. Google Local (a.k.a Google Maps). If you are a business targeting local customers, then you need to be listed in Google Local. This is where local business are listed along side of the Google Map showing specific business locations. There are billions of local searches done daily, which is why it is critical to get listed here.

3. Google News. Making the news is critical for many reasons, but one of which is to leverage another one of Google’s channels; Google News. Google News often picks up press releases and serves the links to the articles through the universal search results. There is also an option to search the news directly.

4. Google AdWords. This is Google’s Pay Per Click (PPC) channel. The ads for Google AdWords are displayed at the top of the page and on the right column. If you don’t know what you are doing here, you can lose a fortune and not see any results, so be very cautious.

5. Google Video. Currently, Google Video has disabled new uploads, but Google does spider other video sites (such as YouTube which is owns), and presents videos in the search results. If you are not currently using Video’s in your marketing efforts, you are missing out on a great opportunity.

6. Blogger. This is Google’s free blogging platform and while I normally recommend having a blog hosted on your website, this is another channel that can be leveraged within Google. Truly, I don’t see it as a major source of traffic, but there is a blog search function within the blogger network which can bring traffic to blogs on the Blogger platform.

7. Google Shopping (a.k.a. Google Products) . If you sell products, you should definately be leveraging Google Shopping, which is currently free. Google shopping lists products you submit, whether or not you use Google Checkout as a means of payment.

8. Google Book Search. If you are a published author, you can submit your book to this channel through the Google Books Parter Program and be listed in the Google Book Search results based on your topic.

9. Google Image Search. If you have a visually based business, such as graphics, logos, or photography, you might be able to connect with those using image search.

Hopefully this has helped you see a new potential source of web traffic from Google. If you need any assistance with your online marketing campagn, contact Anthony at 800-453-9290 or anthony(@)

Google Map Programmers Have a Sense of Humour

So lets say you are at SES NY and you want to go to London. So you ask your trusty Google Map how to get there. Well, I hope you are in better shape than I am because they suggest (at step #23) swimming 3,462 miles to bridge the continental gap. Maybe Big G should invest in a travel agency and sell tickets at Step 23 instead?

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