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Did Google+ Lead to a Compromise of my Gmail?

I don’t know if it did or not, but what I do know is that I am no longer a fan. I have used Gmail happily for 4+ years and until recently never had a problem. I used secure passwords, virus protection, and all that other good stuff, but this morning I was awakened by a “way too early” phone call. You know, the kind that make you wondered who just got sick or died? Well, thankfully no one was died, but my email was sick. It had been compromised by some @#$%$! who has no life.

So here is my question (since the support number is glaringly missing from your website.) Is Google Plus secure? I am tending to think NOT.

I am fully convinced that I have no interest in gathering yet another database just to have it compromised. I actually deleted my Google Plus account immediately because I know that is the only place in my Google network that people can randomly add me whether I know them or not.

And for the fool who instigated this, I really to pray for your soul. It’s clear you are headed to a bad place. And karma is real, so you’ve got lots of trouble coming your way. It’s not from me, but from the karma police. You really can’t escape it.

P.S. Google, I have been a faithful patron for many years, spent thousand of dollars in your Ad Network, and managed hundreds of thousands of dollars (directly of indirectly) so it would be great if you’d have someone contact me. I know you know how to find me.

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