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Are Message Boards a Thing of the Past?

Several years ago, Yahoo’s Jeremy Zawodny made a prediction that set some people off. He (brilliantly) stated that forums and message boards would fade away and blogs would be the new form of online community. If you look at the thread on his Weblogs vs. Centralized Message Boards blog post, you will see that some people thought he was crazy to even suggest that blogs would replace message boards.

I believe the argument can be made that forums and message boards are a thing of the past in that they are often clunky (not user friendly), and usually require logins which people often forget – limiting the ability to participate. Blogs, on the other hand, are very easy to interact with, create community just as well, are very search engine and Social Media friendly, and have become a form of journalism with bloggers gaining national attention and big time press (and getting arrested) based on their work.

What are your thoughts?

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