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Has Facebook Lost It’s Appeal to Businesses?

The last several weeks have given us plenty of changes on Facebook. Most reacted with disappointment, and a few embraced the new changes. Others kept reminding people they were getting what they were paying for (because it’s free). Some even talked about jumping ship for Google+, which for the record is NOTHING LIKE FACEBOOK 🙂

I was disappointed for two reasons. First, I originally joined Facebook to stay in touch with people. This was before business pages and I found that this was not as east of a task and that I no longer felt in touch as much as I had. Granted, I don’t spend all day going through old news feeds because I am quite busy, but there was clearly a difference in the volume of data I could see.

As a marketer, I was very disappointed in that my business page notifications seemed to be of less importance to anyone, especially because they weren’t there to get my updates anyway. They, like me, had joined Facebook to connect with people so they weren’t going to complain that they could not see my business page updates.

Some took the position that Facebook was doing this to make businesses have to pay for Facebook ads to get the visibility they were seeking. And if you have not at least tested Facebook ads, I do recommend it, but I would be disappointed if the underlying ploy was to get us to buy ads.

In the end, I regard Facebook as a great means of branding and connecting, but I would say it’s lost a bit of favor with me. Don’t hear what I am not saying; I didn’t say it doesn’t have value, but when the core of a websites users is frustrated with changes, does not know how they work, and really not willing to fight to stay current, you have to be cautious how much emphasis you give it in your overall marketing equation.

I’d love to hear your thoughts below. Have a great day!

How People Often Miss The Mark With Social Media

Many times when the topic of social media comes up in discussions with business owners, I often hear them say that they want to be able to build social media contacts outside of their friends and family. In fact, when I speak on the topic of Facebook Marketing, the biggest question I hear is “how do we build fans?” My response is to start with those you know because those are generally your best sources of referrals anyhow. Often people are resistant to come across as a marketer or as self serving to those they know personally, and other times people simply don’t want their friends and family to know about their business for whatever reason.

Today, I guess the message became a bit clearer during a brainstorming session with a colleague. People are often so concerned with finding ways to connect with strangers (people they don’t know on Facebook or other sites), that they lose site of the massive potential to grow their business through those they know by leveraging social media.

I guess there are those situations where someone may have a side business and they don’t want their co-workers or clients to know about it, and I guess I understand that. What people need to keep in mind however is that SOCIAL media is about relationships. Relationships are not formed by ads, but by interaction with people. I am not saying ads don’t work, but I am saying that relationships build more solid business connections than ads do, especially in a social arena such as a social media community.

When I think of my personal successes in connecting with business opportunities via social media, most of them have been through relationships with those I know and have connected with because I am pretty open with those that know me about what I do.

Social media can be a great platform for educating your friends and family. They may know what you do, but they don’t know what you know. If you have had a viewpoint that says you want to connect with those you don’t know as opposed to those you do know, I strongly encourage you to consider allowing your friends and family into your social media world. You might be surprised at what it does for your business.

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