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New Facebook Chat to Text App Rises and Falls in less than a Week

UPDATE: I received an email from the company asking for their help in appealing Facebook’s decision. And here s the message currently on their website:

UPDATE – Facebook just shut down the application as of 9:42pm Eastern Time Monday, Feb. 2nd. Don’t worry, everyone that paid already will still receive their commission as per our agreement. But let’s get this back up and running…this is a way for ALL of us to make money. As you all know, MLM is legal and MLM works…this was exploding and Facebook may even have felt threatened by us.


Email Facebook to tell them this is a legitimate business model that doesn’t violate any terms. Read Facebook’s terms for yourself, ChatToText doesn’t violate ANY of them! Here is the email they sent, a 5-second copy/paste email:


To the developer of ChatToText, application ID #43000236800,

Your application has been disabled for violating Facebook terms and policies.

For further information, please email . Please note that attempting to recreate this application may result in further action.


Facebook Platform Developer Operations & Support


Let’s keep this going! Contact Facebook and tell them what YOU think:



“What goes up must come down?” That was the quickest ride I have seen in a while for a buzz product that went bust. If you have not heard about “Chat to Text” don’t worry about it. As fast as it went up (and my estimate says that had a a few thousand subscribers in about a week), it came down.

I was alerted to this new revenue generating Facebook application early Sunday morning. By Monday afternoon, I had generated a buzz, and had even seen it grow for me, but sadly by the end of the day Monday, the application was nowhere to be found.

At one point, the company website was even down, which made me immediately think it was a scam. It does violate some of the rules of what to look for in a scam such as not having legit contact information or more details about who they are, but I believe that many put their confidence in this “venture” because they were tied into Facebook. Funny thing is that I am not a big fan of Facebook apps. I am a fan of making money (not in obscene way, but lets just say I don’t work exclusively for fun) 🙂

Anyhow, if you were involved in Chat to Text, I recommend filing a complaint with PayPal to get your $5.99 back – I did (UPDATE: PayPal doesn’t seem to care and said they would not help resolve any clams – bad karma).

There is a reason that I don’t normally promote programs like that from this website – and now I am sure I won’t do it again. Well at least not as a participant. I am always happy to share the latest buzz in the biz.

New Facebook Chat to Text Application Pays Users to Share it

UPDATE (Feb 3, 2009): This new Facebook application apparently violated the Terms of Service at Facebook and was shut down. Great concept, and too bad for the developers who put all of their time into it.


Normally, I would not be posting on a Sunday, and especially not on Superbowl Sunday, but I wanted to get this info out since I just heard about it.

I have not been a big fan of Facebook applications, but I have installed a few. I believe that the new Chat to Text application will be the #1 Facebook application in a vey short time. Why? Because not only does it allow a people to communicate simple between Facebook and thier cell phones via text, but they are paying people to promote it.

It was literally just launched last week, and I got an invite from an “insiders forum” just today. To install this application and profit from it you will need the following:

1. Must be a Facebook Member (free to join if you are not a member). Visit: to join.

2. Must have a PayPal account as that is how you will pay for the service and get paid. Pay Pal is free to join.

3. Must be willing to $5.99 per month for the service. Keep in mind that they pay a $2 per month commission for every member you enroll, so after 3 it is free.

Here is a link to check out the Chat to Text video (link removed).

I have never promoted anything like this from this website, but I just saw such an amazing potential, that I wanted to share it, given that so many people could use some additional income these days.

Here are some key metrics to consider:

– Once you find three people who want the service, it pays for yours.

– I know we have all heard this before – if everyone just finds 3 people, it will pay over $7,000 per month in residual commissions over time. My thought is, heck if I get 3 people to join and get the service for free, thats a good thing. After that, if it takes off virally (as Facebooks apps do) and I make even $25 per month, it;s all a bonus. If it really does grow to $7,000 per month… well… I think my wife and I will be taking a few more vacations.

– This program is just a week or so old. Being first to join, does have it’s advantages, especially when you consider it is a Facebook app that nearly everyone will have one day.

– Facebook is the 8th most popular website in the world with over 150,000,000 active members. I don’t think it will be a problem finding 3 people who want this service given how people use Facebook and text messaging.

Here is the link once again to register for Chat to Text (link removed).

As a bonus, when you register, I will even send you a free copy of my book, Recession Proof Your Business (by dominating your niche market online). Just email me after you have signed up at seo @

Go check out Chat to Text (link removed), it will be the best $6 you spend this year.

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