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AKA Internet Marketing Now Offering Entry Level WordPress Websites

Our team has always sought to serve clients of all sizes and when it comes to getting the right kind of web platform, it can seem a bit cost prohibitive for smaller companies. Many companies opt to have a simple HTML website when they find themselves in need of a website, only to later find that they can’t edit the site without technical expertise or paying a professional or they find out that they don’t own their code because it’s built with a proprietary software that’s not transferable.

My recommended web and blog platform has been WordPress for the last several years. It’s very user friendly, but more than that it’s search engine friendly and allows it’s users to create their own content in an ongoing manner by blogging. It typically costs more to have a WordPress website built because not everyone knows how to build them, but we have come up with an affordable solution so no one has an excuse for not having a viable website. Here is what we’ve included:

– Professional WordPress installation (including all necessary plugins.)
– A 3 page website with a custom header and blog feature.
– Optimized coding for search engines. While WordPress is a search engine friendly web platform, someone still has to do the research to make sure the right keywords are used – that’s what we do!
– Integration of your key social media profiles.
– The basic site is just $525 but for the first 20 folks to sign up in June, we will take $100 off of the price.

Take a look at this document which gives all of the specifics as well as some options for upgrades. If you have any questions, you can contact me at or 602-903-6223.

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