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How Domain Renewals Can Effect Your Online Presence

There is more behind managing domain renewals than many people realize. The basics of domain management are:

1. Find a DOT COM domain, making it as short as possible. People think “dot com” and don’t like typing long URL’s.

2. Keep your renewal period out at least 3 years – and preferably 5, to show that you are going to be around.

3. ALWAYS USE AUTO-RENEW! I am amazed at the number of websites that still go offline because someone forgot to renew them. It’s super bad for business, as people may suspect you’ve gone out of business. Ever worse, the longer you go with your website down, the higher the likelihood that the search engines will notice – and you don’t want that.

As far a where to register, I recommend GoDaddy, but I do not recommend using them as a hosting provider. For hosting, I recommend HostGator.

I hope this is helpful.

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