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How To Ensure That Your Content Is NOT Promoted in Social Networks

This should have been Friday’s rant. I will use being under the weather as an excuse because I really was, although I don’t think I would have had this particular post.

So here I am working on a late night project, and I got side tracked with Digg. I actually added a few new Digg friends today and went to preview some of their submissions. One gal had lots of different topics on multiple blogs, but here was the problem with all of them. Upon arriving at each of her websites, you saw her picture which confirmed it was the same person, but also 3/4 of the screen was taken up by a header followed by not one, but two 600 x 120 ad bars – HOW ANNOYING! The sad part for her is that she had some fairly decent content, but I don’t think the message would be clear enough to those arriving at her site to make it worthy of submitting or promoting. I guess if you are networked with a bunch of other bloggers pushing people to articles buried amidst contextual ads, then perhaps you will still get some action. Does anyone think that perhaps, that is one of the reasons that search marketers get a bad rap in Social Media circles?

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