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How Social Media Marketing and Blogging have Altered Conversion Statistics

Social Media Marketing and Blogging have produced amazing results in terms of increasing visitors and brand awareness to websites, but it has also changed how a site owner needs to track conversions.

Recently, I launched a new website and I was discussing the projections with my wife – and for the record, she hates when I start crunching numbers and doing projections 🙂 My goal was to launch a profitable website in a new niche market to create a new income source for us. Looking to my past success, I started to back into the numbers so I could predict what kind of web traffic I would need to reach my sales goals. I realized that I was modeling two very successful sites that I had a few years back and remembered that the traffic to the sites was not based on opportunistic sales from sources such as Social Media sites & blogs, but from targeted visitors from organic and paid search. Realizing this, I set my goals in terms of search engine traffic and not overall traffic, knowing that while Social Media traffic does produce sales, it isn’t necessarily targeted traffic, to is will skew the numbers, and very much so if you have lots of Social Media traffic.

Over time, implementing an effective blogging strategy combined with the power of Social Media sites can produce some great organic search results, and I highly recommend it for any business looking for affordably generate new business online.

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