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Less Web Traffic + More Customer Conversions = More Profit

I had a former client contact me about doing another website redesign for their business. She said that it seemed that they were getting lots of visitors but that they were not getting conversions. The website we had built for her was done back in 2001; I remember it well because I recall being at a conference in San Francisco shortly before 9/11. A lot has certainly changes with the web and with design since then, so I agreed that a new, fresh look would be a step in the right direction.

Her goals included having a mobile friendly website and just having a more moderns look and feel. I discovered that they were not capturing any prospects (developing an email list) and their customers were also not getting immediate responses to their inquiries. After the redesign, I started to get notifications of their inquiries, so I knew at least that was working. I discussed what seemed to be a positive trend with customer inquiries, and at first she said it seemed to be about the same, but by the end of the week, she admitted that she had a great week, with several new customers on board. I always love to hear success stories from my customers.

This clients website happens to get lots of search engine traffic. We discussed the fact that the rankings would change, but that we would help them make adjustments after everything settled. What this client notes was that “although our traffic went down, our inquiries and sales are up during a season that is typically slow.” I had discussed conversions with her, so she gets it, but the simple math looks like this:

Poor Converting Website
5,000 monthly visitors
0.5% conversions = 25 customers

Site With Good Conversion Rate
2,500 monthly visitors (Assume a loss of 50% traffic)
2.0% conversion rate = 50 customers

In the end, it’s not always about traffic, so if you are seeing visitors come to your website (in Analytics) but not seeing the percentage of those visitors convert, you need to ask why. If you don’t know the answer, you need to contact someone who can help you. And by the way, I can certainly help you. 🙂

I had another client this week whose website does not get a lot of traffic, but it was also not converting. I made some edits to his home page and his about page, and over the next week, he said he saw an increase in calls, and actually wrote some new business. His comment was “did you do something to my site last week after we spoke?” And I reminded him of the content he approved.

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