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Be a Beta Tester Program for the Google Chrome Browser

One reason I am never quick to upgrade any of my Microsoft operating systems is because of what I call their “free beta tester program.” It seems that the Microsoft way is to launch a new product and then have their users find the bugs so they can release fixes (also known as patches). It is very annoying and I don’t get involved; I am still using Windows 2000.

Enter Google, with their new Chrome Browser. I was away when it launched and I came back to many articles on the problems people are having with it as they made the mad dash to be first to try it out. If I had lots of free time, I would jump in and play like the rest of the cool kids, but I am thankful to get the updates from a host of alerts about how it is coming along. Sadly, I am not yet impressed.

If you want to join the Google Chrome Beta Tester Program, you can jump in right here. And to all of you who have already entered the Google Chrome Beta Tester program… I thank you (as does Google).

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