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Web Traffic Team is Looking for Additional Strategic Business Partners

As we continue to grow, we are seeking new partners to help us serve our clients. We have lots of good stuff in the works including a new release of my book, Internet Marketing Secrets from the trenches (sorry the current version is WAY outdated), a solid small business training program, and new search marketing tools. To carry out our mission, we are seeking the following types of partners:

– Web Application Developers
– Facebook Application Developers
– WordPress Theme Designers
– YouTube Video Developers
– Web Designers
– Software Developers

We are a small and lean firm and currently rely on partner firms to help us keep costs down by not trying to employ consultants that may not stay “working”. As we continue to reach more and more small businesses and non-profit groups, we want to have partners in place who can assist our clients. Here is what we look for in a partner firm:

– Integrity. Without integrity, you’ve got nothing.

– Skills. If you have integrity and no technical skills that doesn’t help much. I had a former pastor who (said on this topic) “sure I’ve got integrity, but you wouldn’t want me to try and fix your dishwasher”.

– Professionalism. If you are a skilled developer but can’t speak to a client without “zero and ones” and can’t write without using “l33t speak”, don’t quit your day job, and make sure to keep your project manager happy so they can do your communicating for you.

– Freelancers and small firms. Bottom line, lower overhead.

– Must be US Based. This is not to discriminate as I know there are many SOLID overseas firms that do quality work. Currently, we are seeking to develop relationships with US based partners. And I have to be true to my theory that SEM will help boost the US economy.

If you have any interest, please contact Anthony Kirlew at 800-453-9290 or anthony(@)

10 Tips for Building Your Internet Marketing Business

I was recently asked by someone trying to build their business what I would suggest. It’s not everyday that you find someone helping their colleagues build their business although it is seen much more in the Search Marketing community. I rarely see others in the industry it as a threat; if I am destined to have certain clients, then I will. I can’t have them all, don’t need (or want) them all, and I am focusing more on serving a niche market in which few people compete with me successfully. So for those trying to build an Internet Marketing practice, here are my suggestions. Of course, they are business development principles that can apply to any industry.

1. Have a website from where you offer such services and spell out what you offer.

2. Make your website a resource so that people will see you as an expert. If they need help, they may ask you for it and become a client.

3. Have a blog to continue to establish yourself as an authority in the field.

4. Pick a specialty within the field. Back in the day an SEO expert did everything related to promoting a site. Today, we have people who specialize in paid search, usability, social media marketing, etc.

5. Write an ebook and offer it from your website. This is also known as viral marketing, and it works.

6. Join local business networking groups and offer to do a presentation on Web Marketing.

7. Join your local Chamber of Commerce and offer to do a presentation on Web Marketing.

8. Choose a niche market to provide Web Marketing expertise for. This will open up opportunites for writing in industry magazines or speaking at conferences for that industry.

9. Get LinkedIn to other business professionals and answer their questions about Internet Marketing.

10. Set your prices according to the market you serve. Whatever you do, don’t try and cheapen the business by prostituting it at rates that make dollar stores look more profitable. I understand if you are just starting out and need the money, but you will rarely if ever be able to raise your prices fast enough to make what you deserve (assuming you know what you are doing and aren’t doing more hard than good to your client site). My recommendation is to charge based on the location and size of the company. A small client in Idaho just may not have the $250 per hour that you are trying to convince them you are worth, but they may turn into a great client or an even better referral source.

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