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How to Effectively Comment on Blogs – Fueled Friday

This may seem like a very basic topic, yet it is one that many people fail at and I have a personal frustration in dealing with it, so I wanted to take the time to share some etiquette on how to comment on blogs.

People comment on blogs for many reasons; for some it is to join a conversation (probably the best reason), for others it is to be heard, and for others it is simply a a matter of getting links from a quality blog. I have no problem with using blog comments to get links, in fact, I wrote a blog post of how to generate links by commenting on blogs.

When commenting on blogs, you want to actually dialogue with the blogger or another commenter. You don’t want to make a comment such as “thanks for the info” because that does not add any value and it makes it seem like you are just trying to scam a link (and you probably are). Even worse is when you use a keyword for your name. If your mother named you “business solutions in India” I simply feel sorry for you. I cannot tell you how many of these posts I get every single say where someone is trying to get “keyword value” from their blog comment. For the record, my spam filter is set pretty high, and the others that have to be manually administered are flagged as spam. I actually spelled out some guidelines to commenting on this blog, but perhaps people don’t read them, which is understandable.

Please know that posting a non-helpful post of one that is totally unrelated to the blog post is simply not acceptable and most bloggers with delete your comment or mark it as spam.

For those that spam, it is a huge missed opportunity because commenting is an opportunity to gather new followers that click through to your link. It is also an opportunity to show your expertise; trust me people take note.

If you have not ever commented on another blog, I encourage you to do a search for blogs related to your industry and go out and join a conversation. If it’s your first time, please feel free to come back and share your experiences.

Most of all, have a great weekend!

Can Blog Spam be a Good Sign?

Many bloggers complain of comment spam, which of course is often remedied by a simple plugin (at least for WordPress users). Many others don’t seem to have a problem with spam, but that isn’t necessarily a good thing. It may mean that nobody is visiting their blog. Personally, I hate spam but the fact that I get more and more of it confirms that my blog is getting more and more visibility.

If you aren’t getting spam, check your web stats and see if you are getting visitors, not just viewers, but “bots” as well, which is an indication of how often your site is being spidered by the search engines – which is related to how much online exposure your site or blog has. If no one is finding your site then building traffic is a great place to start.

How 30 minutes a day can result in 250 inbound links

First, know that the 250 links will come over time – it’s not a one time event. It is actually a pretty simple strategy and will have more benefits than just getting inbound links. I am referring to the practice of strategically commenting on blogs. Sure, it’s been talked about, but the question is are you doing it? And if you are, are you doing it effectively? How do you know if it’s working for you or not?

It shouldn’t take you more than 30 mintues per day to find a new blog to post a comment on. I recommend starting in your niche with the goal of attracting similarly minded subscribers to your site or blog. In the process, you will learn of new blogs in your field, find complementary blogs closely related to your field, and get to know more bloggers in your niche, which could lead to guest blogging on their blogs. A great way to find bloggers in your niche is through StumbleUpon, and blogging guru extraordinaire, Darren Rowse (a.k.a. ProBlogger) just wrote a great article about this.

In your quest to comment, I suggest subscribing to a few blogs and really getting involved in the community aspect by becoming a top contributor as this can lead to others eventually subscribing to your blog (and that is one of your goals right?) Also, help promote those blogs by Stumbling, Digging, or whatever flavor of Social Media Marketing you utilize. As Darren points out, they will take notice.

And of course, who says you need to only post one comment per day? The more you comment, the faster you will see results. Try kicking it up to 4 a day and see what happens.

Of course, some bloggers will use the (evil) “no follow” tag which will reduce the effectiveness of this tactic, but it will still get your name out there and may even solicit a few clicks, especially if you use a unique name as opposed to “Mary”… you know, something like “Old School: 🙂

I have made a goal to do this myself and in fact even have a spreadsheet where I am tracking it (what a geek!) so I can make sure that I meet my goals. In a year, I almost guarantee that you will make huge strides in the blogging community if you practice this daily.

That’s me for now, but stay tuned for more hot blogging tips!

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