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Live Event Videos – Video Marketing Challenge

It’s week three of the video marketing challenge; how many videos have you created? No pressure if you haven’t done any, but I’d say make it a goal to get on board ASAP if you want to grow your business this year. Today, I want to share about shooting live video at events. My philosophy when it comes to capturing things on video is “always be ready.” You never know, you might be one of those folks who catches a big event on your phone camera that makes it on the news?

If you attend a live event, capturing a video clip can do a few things for you. First, you can help those who could not attend the event get a glimpse of it and secondly you can leverage the keywords related to the event to help get exposure for your video (or blog if you create a video blog post) by using keywords in your titles, descriptions, and social media sharing. As you will see in my example below, the better the quality of video camera, the better your results will be.

Yesterday I visited the Barrett Jackson auto auction in Scottsdale, Arizona which is something I do every year. This year I had the opportunity to meet one of our clients there who was visiting from out of town with his wife. Brian (my client) and I had previously discussed how we need to add more video to his online marketing campaign, but because he runs an insurance agency in New Jersey, it was a bit harder for me to help him make this happen from Arizona. This turned out to be a great opportunity to shoot some video for him and for the video marketing challenge. We ended up shooting a video of Brian talking about insuring collector cars, a video testimonial from Brian (he was sharing the successes he was seeing form our campaign, so I asked if he would go on camera), and then I shot the crazy video you see below. I was just having fun with this one, but in it you will see a celebrity sighting (Chip Foose), and catch a clip of the auction in progress. It’s a bit difficult to hear and of course, it was just an iPhone video, so it’s not the best quality for that kind of thing. I guess if I had thought it out, I would have brought the Flip Video Camera as well.

I believe that is a record for me; three videos uploaded in a week. I had my excuses as well of why I was not doing it, but I have retired those excuses. How about you? How is your video marketing coming along?

It’s not too late to join the video marketing challenge. Just let us know you are doing it, by commenting below and start making videos.

Now, here is my (lame) video of the Barrett Jackson auto auction in progress:

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