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Article Marketing – Fueled Friday

Content is “king” when it comes to online marketing and article marketing can be a great way to get your content published and get exposure for your business. It will also help to build links to your website that will help in the ranking process. There are pros and cons to traditional article marketing, and also there was some great way to effectively market articles as you will see.

The old school method of article marketing would tell you to write lots articles and submit them to lots of traditional article marketing sites like Ezine Articles. At these sites (and there are about a dozen quality article sites), webmasters come to find articles to populate their websites and blogs. The rules say that they are supposed to use the articles as they are and not remove any of your links. Sadly, I have seen first hand the removal of links and also seen articles get posted on hokey sites that are designed to only make money by showing Google Ads which some people may not want to be associated with. These are a few reasons why people shy away from this strategy.

The other argument is “original content” versus “duplicate content”. Some argue that duplicate content is bad and that Google will penalize a website for duplicate content and others says Google doesn’t care. You can read this excerpt from Google’s webmaster guidelines regarding duplicate content and decide for yourself. My preference is to not use duplicate content, and not just because Google doesn’t want to you to, but because it allows others to try and claim your work or expertise. There is a strategy for getting your article published on multiple sites and it is referred to as “article spinning” where you rewrite your articles in a few different ways so that it does not appear to be duplicate content on these various sites.

Aside from using article sites, a great way to promote your articles is as a guest blogger. There are two sites out there that will help you find blogs to post on. One is Blogger Link Up and the other is My Blog Guest. I have used both successfully and these sites are run by people that I know and trust in the online marketing industry. This would be my first choice for how to use articles and you would always want to submit original articles to bloggers as a guest poster. Next week, I will be sharing more on guest blog posting; first through a guest post by the founder of Blogger Link Up and then next weeks Fueled Friday will give you more insights on how to guest blog (it really will be on Friday). 🙂

The Good News
A well known SEO software company just came out with a software called SEO LinkVine that will not only help you get your articles placed without having to visit multiple articles sites or contact lots of bloggers, but will help you “spin” your content so that you are not distributing the same content across multiple sites. Even better, their software has an educational resource center where they teach you lots of in depth SEO strategies, and also they have a component that allows you to monitor your keyword rankings in the search engines. If you are serious about article marketing, you need to use a tool such as SEO LinkVine to maximize your time and effectiveness. My advice is still to create lots of content as you do not want to have too many sites sharing the same version of your article.

Some would fault me for sharing one of my secrets, but that’s just how I work. I am never afraid to share “secrets” or educate my clients. In fact, I tell them that I am happy when I can help a client become self sufficient and not need to rely on me as much because it makes their business more profitable. The real real reason is that there is a universal law of “sowing and reaping”; the more we give the more we get (and we cannot out give that law).

P.S. – I am a user and an affiliate of SEO LinkVine. If you decide to purchase it using the links above (which are affiliate links), I will also share with you one of my resources where you can get your articles written for you at a cost of just $10 per article – which is amazing! (just forward your reciept to me via email at akirlew(@)

8 Ways to Use The Number One Internet Marketing skill

So what is the number one Internet Marketing skill? Writing. Why is writing is so important to Internet Marketing? Primarily it’s because search engines crave written content. It’s no secret; we’ve all heard that content is king, but it’s not limited to content on your website. Here are some of the ways you can write your way to Internet Marketing success:

1. Optimizing Web Copy. Always a great starting point and copywriting is also a valuable and marketable skill.

2. Blogging.
Create lots of content on the fly and as often as you like. An extra bonus is having it promoted in Social Media circles.

3. Writing Articles.
Article marketing still has lots of pull and when done right, helps in the link building process.

4. Writing Press Releases. Similar to articles, a well distributed press release can provide inbound links, but done well, press release can lead to interviews and other opportunities for exposure.

5. Viral Marketing.
Have you written an ebook yet? If not, I challenge you to make it a priority to get writing. I have written several ebooks for several markets and for the most part they have done well for me. They are key to helping you build an email list to market your product or service to.

6. Publish a book. How does this help you in Internet Marketing? It gives you credibility in your field, which usually results in web traffic. It will also give you some income, but for the most part that should not be the focus of publishing a book (if it is, you may really be let down).

7. Writing Ads. If you get good at writing ads, you can produce excellent results in Pay Per Click search by having compelling calls to action.

8. Email Marketing.
Once you’ve built your list, the simplest way (although maybe not the most effective) to reach your prospects is through email marketing. Who wants to read a poorly written email pitch? (no one).

If you are not writing, I hope this motivates you to start. If you think of any other ways that writing plays a role in effective Internet Marketing, feel free to comment. Also, I would like to invite you to subscribe to this blog if you have not already, to keep up with the latest search marketing musings.

When Article Marketing Becomes Content Theft

Today I found some of my content from an old article that I wrote being used on a site inappropriately, specifically, without the bio and associated link. For some time, article marketing has been touted as an effective component of an overall Internet Marketing strategy. As I was recently preparing an SEO plan for a new site, I came to a conclusion – I don’t think article marketing is worth the effort any longer. I was listing the Pros and Cons, and realized the Cons seem to outweigh the Pros, at least in my opinion. Here is what I came up with:

In theory, the “Pros” are pretty basic:

1. More inbound links.

2. Getting your name out there as an expert.

3. Branding? Well, I think that’s a stretch.

If it all works according to theory, that’s great. But here is where I have some challenges – the “Cons”:

1. Diluted content value. After everyone from here to India (no offense to India) scrapes the content, there is no value in having it on your site and you will likely suffer a duplicate content penalty.

2. Bad inbound links. I am finding more and more site that are scraper / spam sites using content that I had put up; this equates to links from bad neighborhoods.

3. Content Theft. That is the phenomenon that occurs when someone uses an article in violation of the TOS. This is the most egregious of violations, and smells of plagiarism (yikes!).

With that in mind, I am tempted to expose all of the sites that are plagiarizing content, but I don’t think my wife would get excited over me taking on yet another “cause”. Ironically the site that stole my content calls itself – apparently that’s not the only thing shallow about the site.

So does anyone want to take on this project? (the real question is does anyone have more free time than me?

I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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