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Unbelievable! Google has Offered to Purchase My New Company!

I knew things were going well, but when I got a call from Google less than a month after starting my new Internet marketing company I was ecstatic. After all, isn’t that a small business owners dream? I know it might seem odd they they would want to acquire another online marketing company, but it turns out, I do have some connections they they don’t and what better way for them to acquire them (sorry friends and clients for selling you out).

The terms haven’t been fully disclosed, but my response to the whole thing was “heck, if I can just put it in my bio that Google pursued me and bought my company… that’s worth it all.” Perhaps I spoke to soon? The other part of the deal had to do with me becoming a VP and a Director there… but I like the scorching heat of Phoenix as opposed to being close to the beach, so I just told them I appreciated the offer, but I would just work on another company for them to buy down the road. Perhaps they will be ready by next APRIL FOOLS DAY!

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