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Meet Apple’s Newest Product Evangelist… ME!

Well, after a lifetime of PC usage I have to say I have had it with the blue screens, virus attacks against Microsoft, and overall downtime and frustration associated with them.

Today, my lovely laptop (just rebuilt last October) suffered another “fatal error”. I have had many of my Mac friends give me a hard time over the years, but for some lame reason, I just wanted to stick with the Dell product line. This is nothing against Dell, but I am just done with Microsoft.

Like all change, it will take some time to fully decide how to proceed with this rather large change in my world. Hopefully someone from Apple will take me up on my offer to be their newest product evangelist and contact me to discuss the new machine they are sending me. I know they don’t need more product evangelists, but others might attest I am good guy to have in your corner if you want to get your brand out there. Please don’t take that as giving myself accolades; marketing and branding is just what I do.

In closing, here is my letter to Microsoft:

Dear Microsoft, I am ending our relationship. I am sorry to do this through my blog, but Mac has been wooing me (or should I say WOW-ing me) for some time now… and I am finally giving in to a better way of life.

So Mac… I am waiting for your call. And I thank you in advance.

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