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Another “Face Lift” for

I am thankful to those who have followed my blog in spite of it’s ugliness. I could lie and say it was a test to see how many followed I could attract, just based on content, or I could just say the it never made it to the top of my list for a host of reasons.

I will say this that if you don’t yet have a custom blog theme, you really need to get one. I have seen the results on other blogs, where people are more apt to stay, and most of all, to share your posts when your blog has a nice look and feel.

I am however thankful to finally have a blog that has some character. For that, I owe thanks to my good friend Todd Dawson at Dawson Studios who created the header for me. Actually, he created several, and I crowdsourced it to my Facebook friends, and this is the one they chose. I actually was in favor of the other one, but I have learned that marketing is not about what you like, it’s about what others like.

I will point out that I am highlighting my coaching and consulting services as well as my speaking services with the new blog. I really have done a poor job at marketing myself from this blog, and I am truly seeking to add more speaking engagements to my schedule this year, so if you hear of any, please send them my way.

Thanks for letting me share. I am really not an “all about me” kind of guy, bit I wanted to at least acknowledge the new blog and most of all the graphic genius (Todd Dawson) behind it.

In closing, I will ask my famous “how can I help you?” and I ask you to respond either via comments or via my contact page.

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