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Review of Advanced Web Ranking Software

awr-box-200x200Monitoring your search engine rankings may not be a big issue if you are a small company and only have a few keywords that you are tracking. However, if your company has a target of a handful of keywords or if you run an agency where you manage multiple client accounts, it could get quite time consuming to manually check the rankings for all of your keywords. This dilemma might lead you to find a search engine ranking software solution to help you with the task of monitoring your website rankings. There are several companies that you will find, but one I have used for some time and want to recommend is Advanced Web Ranking.

Like any software program, it will take some time to master, but you can actually download a free 30 day trial copy, and run a quick test on a few keywords in a short period of time. Unlike many software demos, the developers of Advanced Web Ranking (Caphyon, Ltd), provide their demo as a full functioning version of the software, which makes sense. I mean wouldn’t you want to check out all of the features of the software before buying it?

One thing that keeps some people from employing software to automate this task is the concern for putting a strain on the servers at the search engines, and in doing so, incur some sort of backlash from the search engines. The team behind Advanced Web Ranking understands this and have developed their software to be search engine friendly. My personal advice is that you still want to make sure that you don’t attempt to use the software in a manner that is not encouraged by the search engines. For example, you probably don’t need to run the software every day, and especially if you have a site with hundreds of keywords. My personally recommendation would be to run it once a week and rely on other statistics such as web analytics which will allow you to see growth in web traffic and increases by keyword searches which is another benchmark of success for your online marketing campaign.

Once you set up your website and keywords, the system keeps a ranking history and when your reports are rerun, you will see the increase (or decrease) in ranking of each specific keyword listed by search engine. Obviously, the goal is to watch them continue to climb.
(see a screen shot below showing ranking comparisons)

The software comes in several versions including:
• Standard – Features standard website ranking tools, but offers limited reporting capabilities.
• Professional – Allows for printable reports, reports via email, and Local Search database queries.
• Enterprise – Ideal for agencies or search marketing firms because it allows for multiple users.
• Server – For companies that want to run the software on their own servers.

Currently, the price ranges from $99 to $599, but of course is subject to change.

In addition to being a great software tool for monitoring keyword rankings, the software has several additional and helpful features including:

Keyword Research Tool (eliminates the need for other keyword research software tools)
• Keyword suggestion tool
• Keyword import tool (saves time with setup or transition from another reporting software)
• Customizable Reports (for agencies)
• Allows for use of proxy servers
• Much, much more!

In my opinion, you can’t go wrong. The good news is that you get to try the software for free to see for yourself. I’d love to hear your feedback.

Are you ready to take the next step? Visit TODAY and download your free copy of Advanced Web Ranking. You’ll be glad you did!

Happy Ranking!

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