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Cast Your Mission: Small Business Vote for AKA Internet Marketing

I’m not really big on asking for favors or help, but something inside of me said “oh just go for it!” so I decided to register my company (AKA Internet Marketing) for the Mission: Small Business challenge.

This is a program put together by Chase and Living Social where they will be awarding a $250,000 grant to 12 small businesses. I realized that a win for us, is a win for small business since that is who we serve. A grant of this size would not only allow us to complete our online marketing training program that we have been working on for a LONG time, but in the spirit of giving back, it would allow us to offer a significant number of training resources for free to small businesses.

Here is what I am asking for your help. If you can do me a big favor and go to the website below, locate my company (AKA Internet Marketing in Mesa, AZ) and vote, it would be greatly appreciated. We need 250 votes to qualify for the grant. If you have already voted for another company, it’s ok, you can vote for as many companies as you would like. I have voted for a few of my friends as well.

Here are the specifics of how to vote (it just takes a few quick minutes)

1. Click the link –
2. Click “Log in & Support” – It will prompt you to login using Facebook
3. Search for “AKA Internet Marketing in Mesa, AZ”
4. Press the vote button.
5. It would be a big help, if you “shared” it on Facebook after voting. There is an option to do that after voting.

Thanks SO much and I will keep you all posted on how things are coming along with the contest.

Please let me know if you need anything that I might be able to help you with.



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