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DISCLAIMER: The FTC requires me to let you know that I may be compensated for products or services recommended. In many cases I am recommending my own company's services, so it's kind of funny to have to spell this out, but I do get paid by some of the companies whose ads are on the site. I ONLY list ads for companies that I use and fully endorse.


Do you need help putting together a winning Internet Marketing or Social Media plan for your company? If so, I am sure I can help you by either providing expert level consulting services or helping you craft a plan and then coaching you through the process.

If you are looking for a trusted Digital Marketing Firm, my firm Infinion Marketing offers full service Digital Marketing Consulting and can help with the following:
– Paid Search
– Social Media Marketing
– Online Reputation Management
– Email, Text, Video, and Affiliate Marketing
– Local Search

If you prefer to manage your Internet Marketing in house, we can help by reviewing your Internet Marketing or Social Media Strategy and Coaching your team through the process.

Contact me to discuss how I can help you and your company.

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