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When to Use Professional Video

So I fell a bit behind in the Video Marketing Challenge. I actually shot lots of video, but due to travel, could not post it. The key is staying focused and always moving forward. I actually shot a few videos while I was away, so those will be forthcoming.

Also, my last video that I uploaded, got some activity just based on the title as many people were able to find it in the search engines, so remember how important it is to name your videos well.

Several weeks back, I shot a small snippet of video at a friends seminar. I did this for a few reasons. One was to have a video for the week, but the other was to emphasize that sometimes you want (need) to have professional quality video. If Jim wanted to promote his event, he certainly would not want to use my video clip. The audio quality is poor and it’s not even edited. If the choice is no video or poor video, I say go with what you’ve got. Never give yourself an excuse to not make progress. Enjoy!

Live Event Videos – Video Marketing Challenge

It’s week three of the video marketing challenge; how many videos have you created? No pressure if you haven’t done any, but I’d say make it a goal to get on board ASAP if you want to grow your business this year. Today, I want to share about shooting live video at events. My philosophy when it comes to capturing things on video is “always be ready.” You never know, you might be one of those folks who catches a big event on your phone camera that makes it on the news?

If you attend a live event, capturing a video clip can do a few things for you. First, you can help those who could not attend the event get a glimpse of it and secondly you can leverage the keywords related to the event to help get exposure for your video (or blog if you create a video blog post) by using keywords in your titles, descriptions, and social media sharing. As you will see in my example below, the better the quality of video camera, the better your results will be.

Yesterday I visited the Barrett Jackson auto auction in Scottsdale, Arizona which is something I do every year. This year I had the opportunity to meet one of our clients there who was visiting from out of town with his wife. Brian (my client) and I had previously discussed how we need to add more video to his online marketing campaign, but because he runs an insurance agency in New Jersey, it was a bit harder for me to help him make this happen from Arizona. This turned out to be a great opportunity to shoot some video for him and for the video marketing challenge. We ended up shooting a video of Brian talking about insuring collector cars, a video testimonial from Brian (he was sharing the successes he was seeing form our campaign, so I asked if he would go on camera), and then I shot the crazy video you see below. I was just having fun with this one, but in it you will see a celebrity sighting (Chip Foose), and catch a clip of the auction in progress. It’s a bit difficult to hear and of course, it was just an iPhone video, so it’s not the best quality for that kind of thing. I guess if I had thought it out, I would have brought the Flip Video Camera as well.

I believe that is a record for me; three videos uploaded in a week. I had my excuses as well of why I was not doing it, but I have retired those excuses. How about you? How is your video marketing coming along?

It’s not too late to join the video marketing challenge. Just let us know you are doing it, by commenting below and start making videos.

Now, here is my (lame) video of the Barrett Jackson auto auction in progress:

Video Testimonials – Video Marketing Challenge

Hey everyone, it’s week two of the Video Marketing Challenge. I hope you have joined us, and if not, there is no better time to start than today. If you are taking the video marketing challenge, just leave a comment below to let me know.

As you implement video marketing in your business, keep in mind that video testimonials are some of the best video you can create, and for many reasons:

1. Video testimonials are more powerful than written testimonials. Why? Anyone can write a testimonial and grab a picture, but once you put someone on camera, there is a bit more accountability (because real people know them.)

2. It’s better to have other people say great things about you than doing it yourself.

3. You can usually do it pretty quickly. I shot the video below with my iPhone in one take and had it recorded and uploaded to YouTube in under 5 minutes. It doesn’t get much easier than that (thanks to Stephanie at Backfit Chiropractic for agreeing to go on camera on the spot.)

The next time you are in front a customer who has just thanked you for your service, pull out your phone and ask them for a video testimonial.

Check it out!

Take The Video Marketing Challenge

As we approached the end of 2011 I must have sounded like a broken record. I kept asking people what they were doing as far as video marketing was concerned for 2012 because it has been estimated that over 50% of Internet traffic will be video by December 2012.

I am not sure if you have a plan yet or not, but I want to issue a challenge to you. I want to challenge you to create and post a new video every week online. I recommend using either YouTube or Vimeo, both are free and great platforms. The Video Marketing Challenge is intended to motivate you and give you sense of accountability to do your video marketing. There is not big prize (yet… I might find a sponsor), but there are some rewards and here they are:

1. A larger online footprint. If you follow through with the weekly challenge, you will have 52 new videos online that can be found in online searches and lead back to you.

2. More business. Having more exposure usually results in more business. Most businesses need this, and chances are yours does too.

3. It will motivate you to lose weight 🙂 I can only say that because I am talking to myself. And if the reason you don’t get started is because you aren’t happy with how you look, I have some news for you. People already know what you look like 🙂 Don’t let something so shallow hold you back from success!

3. A sense of accomplishment. If you haven’t done it, doing it will give you the satisfaction of getting it behind you. Who knows, you may love it!

Getting Started
If you have a smartphone (such as a Droid or iPhone) you have no excuse. Also, if you have a fairly new laptop, most of them have video cameras built in. If you don’t have either, you can still shoot video with most cell phones, or you can get a cheap computer video camera.

Many people say they don’t know what to say on video and the simplest way to come up with video content is to think of the questions that people ask you throughout the day. As you answer these questions, you will be positioning yourself as the expert in your field and it will lead to new business opportunities.

If you are going to take the challenge, please post your first video in the comment area below. And with that, here is my first video. It’s intentionally not perfect… don’t worry about perfection, just focus on getting something online!

Wishing you the success you deserve!

Is That a Video Production Studio in Your Pocket?

Today at my Toastmasters group, I gave a speech on “How to Market Your Business on a Limited Budget.” I did this for a few reasons. The first is that I speak with lots of business owners on a weekly basis, and some of the folks that run smaller business or are sole proprietors, often have little to no marketing budget. The second reason is that most of the people in my Toastmasters group run a business or have a job where they need to generate leads.

I discussed several marketing strategies that one can implement for just an investment of time. Towards the end of my speech, I held up my iPhone and asked “does anyone know what this is?” Next, the answer came to me, and I said “it’s a portable video production studio” as if it were rehearsed (I was planning on saying smart phone.)

I went on to share how no one with a smart phone has a valid excuse for not doing video marketing. I shared a story about how last week during a training, I pulled my phone out of my pocket, shot a quick video of someone from the audience and uploaded it to YouTube, all within 5 minutes and only using my iPhone.

I have said before that to me smart phones aren’t really phones anymore. They are computers with a phone application. As a business owner, one of the best uses for your smart phone is shooting quick on the fly videos that you can use in many segments of your marketing. You can use them in blog posts, you can create educational videos, and best of all, you can capture customer testimonials on the spot.

So, do you have a smart phone? If so, are you using it to market yourself and your business? If not, why not?

I encourage you to implement video marketing into your business as soon as possible. If you need some coaching along the way, feel free to contact me.

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