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FREE Social Media Training Webinar September 30th

Hey friends. WOW, it’s been a LONG time since I’ve posted here. Sorry to leave you hanging. There has been a lot going on, and frankly, I now have an abundance of sites to create content for. Let this be a lesson to not spread yourself too thin with regard to the number of websites you maintain. 🙂

Now to the good stuff. My team and I have put together a social media training program and we are kicking off the soft launch with a FREE social media webinar. This won’t be fluff or hype, but real world training from a team of professionals who have been successfully managing social media for over a decade.

Here are just a few of the social media tips that will be shared on this webinar:

* Use insider secrets to gain faster social media results
* Avoid the most damaging social networking “No-No’s”
* Maximize the amount of time you invest in online networking
* Create a manageable approach
* Leverage free tools to grow your business
* Partner with business professionals to grow even faster

Join us and learn how to MAXIMIZE your results online in a short amount of time. Many people don’t take action because they don’t know the right things to do or what order to do them in. Through this webinar you will walk away with dozens of social media tips you can instantly implement.

Don’t wait, head on over to to register.

Hope to see you on the webinar! Feel free to post any questions below.

How People Often Miss The Mark With Social Media

Many times when the topic of social media comes up in discussions with business owners, I often hear them say that they want to be able to build social media contacts outside of their friends and family. In fact, when I speak on the topic of Facebook Marketing, the biggest question I hear is “how do we build fans?” My response is to start with those you know because those are generally your best sources of referrals anyhow. Often people are resistant to come across as a marketer or as self serving to those they know personally, and other times people simply don’t want their friends and family to know about their business for whatever reason.

Today, I guess the message became a bit clearer during a brainstorming session with a colleague. People are often so concerned with finding ways to connect with strangers (people they don’t know on Facebook or other sites), that they lose site of the massive potential to grow their business through those they know by leveraging social media.

I guess there are those situations where someone may have a side business and they don’t want their co-workers or clients to know about it, and I guess I understand that. What people need to keep in mind however is that SOCIAL media is about relationships. Relationships are not formed by ads, but by interaction with people. I am not saying ads don’t work, but I am saying that relationships build more solid business connections than ads do, especially in a social arena such as a social media community.

When I think of my personal successes in connecting with business opportunities via social media, most of them have been through relationships with those I know and have connected with because I am pretty open with those that know me about what I do.

Social media can be a great platform for educating your friends and family. They may know what you do, but they don’t know what you know. If you have had a viewpoint that says you want to connect with those you don’t know as opposed to those you do know, I strongly encourage you to consider allowing your friends and family into your social media world. You might be surprised at what it does for your business.

Is Your Website an Asset?

Robert Kiyosaki defines an asset as an investment that makes money for you. Using that line of thinking, I challenge you to analyze your website and determine if it is an asset or a liability.

If you own a business and your website represents your business, it is in your best interest to make sure the website is truly an asset. It’s nice to have an online place holder for your business, but who needs another expense?

So what is the key to making your website an asset? Generating revenue! I know, that wasn’t a really tough one. The tough question is “how do you generate revenue?” The answer is threefold. First, you need to generate visitors, next you need to entice these visitors to contact you, then you need to convince those visitors to do business with you.

Generating visitors can best be accomplished by investing in Internet Marketing which includes strategies such as video marketing and social media marketing. Keep in mind that investing does not just mean money. You can also invest time to learn online marketing and social media marketing strategies that you can simply implement, including many that have no out of pocket expense (just your time).

Enticing visitors to do business with you takes place best by offering these visitors something of value (such as access to a video or a downloadable report or ebook) in exchange for their contact information. This will allow you to follow up with them and see if you can solve their business need through a product or service that you offer. A great way to do this is by implementing an automated marketing system such as Infusionsoft which will follow up with your prospects until they are ready to do business with you.

In the end, you will have to get them to spend money with you. Some people offer solutions that “sell themselves” but most people don’t. Keep in mind that if you don’t invest in sales skills, you will end up creating business for your competitors because they will be educated by you as to what they need, then they will do business with the company that helps them realize that they have the solution that the prospect needs.

Stay tuned for my next post on this topic where I discuss how to determine the value of your website.

Fueled Friday – Using Multiple Online Marketing Strategies

Today, I want to discuss the various types on online marketing strategies that you can use as an intro to the upcoming blog posts on the mechanics of each.

For many, the term online marketing brings to mind a host of different thoughts. Some immediately think of search engine optimization, others may think of paid search, and yet others may think of email marketing, blogging, or social media strategies. The fact remains, that they are all components of online marketing, and frankly should all be employed at some level. Some strategies will come more naturally to you, and others will seem to give you better results. Over the next several posts, I will cover each, but today, I will leave you with a simple list of online marketing strategies to consider. To get a head start on this series of posts, I recommend doing a search on this blog to see what you can find on the topic as well as a Google search to learn more about whichever segment of online marketing you are seeking to learn more about.

Here is my list of the various online marketing strategies that you can employ. If you feel something is missing, let me know my leaving a comment below:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): This involves architecting your website to obtain natural rankings in the search engines. It is the most effective form of online marketing, and takes the most time to see results.

Paid Search / Pay Per Click (PPC) Search: This involves paying for each visitor that comes to your website. The upside is that you will see results immediately; the down side is that you can lose lots of money if you do this wrong.

– Blogging: You will learn several reasons why blogging is a highly effective form on online marketing. It is one of my favorite and I cannot wait to share more on this. You can also implement blogging without spending a penny, which make it a great option for those with limited budgets.

Email Marketing: There are two aspect of email marketing that I will share. The first is the most effective and involves emailing your clients and prospect. The second and less recommended form of email marketing it purchasing email lists (NOT spam lists) and marketing to cold prospects.

Viral Marketing: This is a form of marketing where you share valuable information for free (from your website) and allow others to share it for free. It is a great way to get the word out about your product, service, or business.

Social Media Marketing: Everyone is talking about Social Media these days, and it’s a great way to build a following for your brand and reach lots of prospects in a short period of time. Sadly, most don’t really understand how to implement it effectively.

Text / Mobile Marketing: As the name implies, this is a method of reaching people via cell phones and smart devices. It is a growing field that you should not ignore.

Affiliate Marketing: This is a powerful way to empower others to send you business. Of course, you will pay them for their successful referrals, but it essentially puts a commissioned sales force to work for you.

Online Press / Media Relations: This is an area that many businesses neglect and it can produce amazing results.

Online Advertising: This is closely related to PPC, yet it deserves its own category. I would recommend this only as a last resort or a supplement to a multi-channel online marketing program.

Local Search Marketing: Reaching your local audience is critical if you are a local business, but even if you are a national business you don’t want to neglect customers in your own backyard.

Well, I am sure that gives you lots to consider. Please take the time to do some research on any of these that are not familiar with you. This way, when we reach this part in the series, it won’t be totally new to you and you will be able to ask some great questions to help you implement or optimize a specific strategy.

I am off to Louisville, KY today where I hear it will be cold, so keep sending me warm thoughts. 🙂

Have a great weekend!

Social Media is Now More Critical with Google’s New Real Time Search Feature

Yesterday Google announced that it will be featuring more “real time” search results which includes content from blogs and social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace. Just for fun, I have provided a link to the Yahoo News story on this. 🙂

As if we didn’t already know that being involved in social media was important to a business, this latest move by Google further emphasizes this. So what does this mean for those that are actively trying to generate business online? First of all, don’t by any means abandon what you are doing. Search Engine Optimization and Paid Search are still the foundation of a solid online marketing campaign, so you want to make sure you are continuing to make strides there. But, if you have not ventured out into the world of social media, you might want to take a look at it now. Here are some suggestions:

1. If you don’t have a blog, start one. Ideally, your blog should be a part of your website (i.e as opposed to a separate stand along blog, so your domain can capitalize on the inbound links to the blog.

2. If you don’t have a Facebook Fan page, start one. It does not cost anything to set it up, and it’s really not that difficult. Here is a link to the first of a “how to” series I wrote on creating a Facebook page.

3. If you aren’t on Twitter, join. Early on, I was not a big fan of Twitter but as I have seen more value from it, I am encouraging people to join. Here is the key to being successful on Twitter; you have to learn how it works and stay active, otherwise you will deem it a waste of time. A great feature to learn on Twitter, is the “local search” feature where you can do a search based on your region. I actually used this just yesterday and found a partner prospect for my company.

As we go into 2010, I hope this gives you some insights into how you can improve your online positioning by staying ahead of your competition. If you need help implementing any online strategy, don’t hesitate to contact me.

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