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What is the Cost of NOT Doing Online Marketing

If done correctly, online marketing (SEO, Paid Search, Social Media, etc) is an investment in your business. Many people seem to get lost by focusing on the cost of engaging a professional to manage their online marketing campaign. I often ask people who tell me online marketing is too expensive if they plan on staying in business, and if so, how they plan on getting customers. The responses range from laughter to “we get plenty of referral business.” My goal is not to provide shock value, but a reality check because many business owners still don’t know where their next customer is coming from and often don’t see that they are on the quick road to going out of business.

I was recently talking to several local plastic surgeons about online marketing due to an opening that my company has for online marketing services. Among the many questions I asked was “do you realize how many people are searching for you every day?” Few know that answer, and for a plastic surgeon in Scottsdale, I can tell you there are over 1,000 DAILY searches just in the Phoenix / Scottsdale area. The next question is “of the 35,000+ monthly searches for your business Doctor, how many are finding your practice?” This question (regardless of industry) is often met with silence. In a face to face meeting, you can see the wheels turning thinking “that’s why my competitors are doing so well.”

A few weeks ago, I did a blog post about keyword research and finding your online marketing potential. I encourage you to find out how many people are search for you and not finding you, so you are fully aware of how many missed opportunities you have every day that you put off your online marketing campaign.

If you have a (non online) business development strategy that is working for you, then I commend you. I have never said that online marketing is the magic bullet to fix a business, but I have to say it is very often the low hanging fruit – especially for those businesses that rank on page 2 (62% of searchers never click past page 1).

Let me know how I can help you implement an effective and affordable online marketing program.

Have a great day!

Recession Proof Your Business for $5

It’s 2009 and although the Internet has been around for some time now, I am amazed that many small business owners still have not embraced it. Yes, there are those that still think they can do business the “very old school” way – without a website. Sadly, it’s not true. Just look around you. Last night as my wife and I walked through the mall, we noticed a multitude of stores that have gone out or are going out of business. Is mall rent expensive? ABSOLUTELY. Is that why these stores are going out of business? ABSOLUTELY NOT.

There are several businesses that are flourishing in these “challenging economic times”. There are many reasons why a business is able to stay solvent why another competing business cannot. Much of this has to do with acquiring customers and keeping them happy. Given that most customers start their search for products and services online, doesn’t it make sense to position your business to get those customers? I have done this for nearly a decade now for both my personal businesses and those of my clients. It has worked well, for the whole 10 years. Does it change? Absolutely. Is keeping up with change worth it? Absolutely.

Many of you know I wrote a book on the topic of Internet Marketing. I recently changed the title, not to reflect Internet Marketing (since so many still don’t fully get what that means), but to reflect what this book can do for you. It is not titled, Recession Proof Your Business. As I work with publishers to put it in print, they may want to even change it again, but it remains the same body of highly relevant information.

Because I feel so passionate that every business owner should read this book, I have dropped the price to a ridiculous $5.00 price tag. You have to pick it up before it goes to the publisher however, because at that point, I will no longer be able to sell it as an ebook.

While I’d love to just give it away, statistics show you are less likely to value it and read it, and that would be costly to you and your business. The techniques in this book have me and my clients thousands of dollars and can do the same for you. Since I am not giving it away, I am setting aside a portion of the proceeds from the book sales to go to support charitable causes – another area that Iam very passionate about. You can get your copy at:

I do hope you see the wisdom in picking up this book for just $5.00 while you can. If you plan on being in business for the long haul, it could be the godsend you’ve been waiting for.

Wishing you the best!

~ Anthony

How to Enhance Your Google Local Listing

Today I went to both the dentist and the chiropractor, so I did a lot of thinking about how local businesses generate traffic. The dentist was a new dentist to me and was literally across the street. I did a Google search to get the number by searching for dentists and my zip code. By the time I left I was talking to the dentist about online marketing and whether or not he wanted to barter for an $800+ crown 🙂 He was a super guy and when I got back home, I decided to add a review to his Google Local Listing. Not only am I sure he will appreciate it, but I will print it out to give him with a copy of my new book (The Internet Marketing Guide for Small Business) and show him that I have already started to market his business for him.

As I sat at my chiropractors office, I realized I had never asked for his business although he has mine. The owner wasn’t there, but I thought how effective it would be if I could help him grow his local business by offer his existing customers a free adjustment for leaving a comment on Google Local. If he decides to do it, hopefully, I can report back with some good news.

As I drove home, I started to think about how different businesses could offer their current customers something of value that would not only keep them coming back, but help to increase their testimonials of Google Local. If you have another local review site of choice such as Yelp, it is just as applicable, but I felt that Google was a good one to use particularly because when I search, I try and find reviews to help me narrow down my decision.

I think I am on to something here and if you are willing to implement this strategy, I’d love to hear your success story.

Have a great weekend!

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